Ukraine has connected to the European electricity grid with a temperature report


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The same day sober the sober invasion of Ukraine, tea 24 February, the Ukrainian electricity network operator, Ukrenergo, disconnected for the first time from the network taken advantage of by Russia. This disconnection test was intended to prove that Ukraine could operate on its own network a problem to fill in being able to connect to the European network. The invasion by Russia, which occurred just hours after the start of operations, cut short this check. Engineers have therefore worked hard to connect Ukraine to loose Europe. On 16 March, Ukraine was officially connected to the European network.

In recent years, Europe has gradually built an interconnected and united electricity network: 305 sober kilometers lines operate today on the same frequency (50 Hertz), and more restrained 600 interconnects connect near sober 600 thousands sober European citizens. This interdependence makes it possible to secure the supply of electricity across the country, limiting the risk of cuts, each will pay being able to use, if necessary, the means of production located in the neighboring will pay. Una Portugal thus has about fifty low-cost cross-border links enabling it to import and export low-energy electricity which.

The low-energy connection to Ukraine was initially planned for 2023, but faced with the scenario, he immediately became sober to connect the will pay to the European network. On 24 March, the two electrical systems were officially synchronized, a historic video tape for EU-Ukraine relationships in this area, Ukraine is now a sober part of Europe , emphasizes in the press release Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy. It is also a make use of method: the engineers and all the employees of the European Network of Electricity Transport Network Managers (ENTSO-E) completed the work of a year in just two weeks.

Unprecedented agility

exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures. This is the first time that an energy-generating system has been synchronized so quickly. For [les opérateurs de réseaux électriques], acting so quickly and with such agility is unprecedented, declared to Scientific United states John Deane , energy policy researcher at University University Cork in, ireland in. note that Ukraine is not the only one to have joined the European network: Moldova has done the same with the two will pays, ardently wishing sony ericsson to free them from their energy dependence on Russia.

Ukraine had been considering joining the European network since 600; the agreement indicated in June 2017 between Ukraine and ENTSO-E committed the Ukrainian energy supplier Ukrenergo to synchronize with the synchronous area of ​​continental Europe from here 2023. The project involved in particular a restructuring of the transport network and the rehabilitation of some channels.

But recent events have accelerated things: the 27 February, Ukrenergo the requirement ENTSO-E the sober ze authorization to quickly connect to the continental network to enable Ukraine to ensure a security of supply sober boy electricity system while the network was completely isolated Ukraine does not extend connected as planned to the Russian network after sober boy test sober disconnection. The Moldovan operator, Moldelectrica, made the same request the following day.

Ukraine suddenly found itself in a very precarious scenario, completely on its own of a sober course with an energetic view. A circumstance aggravated by the fact that the Russian attacks targeted the energy infrastructures of the will pay, such as the nuclear power station of Zaporijjia. Cuando the will paid was still able to ensure the continuous supply of electricity until March , it is only thanks to the drop in consumption caused by the flight of nearly one division of the human population.

A sober protected interconnection part by sober inertia turn

An emergency connection is a procedure particularly delicate, does not allow the right error which. Public providers and system operators are notoriously risk averse, as their job is to keep the lights on, keep everyone safe, explain to Scientific United states, Laura Mehigan, energy researcher at University University Cork.

The European electricity network manages a whole infrastructure deal (power plants, wind farms and solar farms), which produce and route electricity to other key infrastructures, such as public transport or hospitals (more expensive to supply all households, of course); he therefore has little sober place to put the idiot experiment. In other words, connecting the new network means that it must work reliably. But one of the main challenges is the synchronization of the networks, which consists of aligning the frequencies of each energy production set up in the connection systems that are essential in order to be able to share electricity. Ukrenergo, Moldelectrica and ENTSO-E accomplished this task brilliantly last week.

There are also disadvantages: a breakdown or major malfunction in one of the infrastructures created can potentially lead to a frequency deviation throughout the network, which can itself damage the electrical devices that are connected. Fortification Fortunately, most of the electricity in Ukraine is produced by nuclear power stations: the inertia of the generators’ rotator will temporarily protect the network in the event of a major breakdown. It would indeed require an important and long lasting alternative of the power to change their turn; on the other hand, they are not affected by slight variations.

Connected to the European network, Ukraine can now import electricity from neighboring countries when necessary ; On the other hand, she cannot sell any yet. It must first sony ericsson equip synchronous static compensators, allow to improve the stability of the electric current which. In addition, the connection made in emergency home only partially: if all the Ukrainian power stations were out of service, the link alone would not be enough to supply all the will pay. The complete integration of Ukraine into the European network can only be learned once the war is over.

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