The medallion teas for the next The Witcher depicts a lynx


This is undoubtedly one of the most important sober announcements this sober start to the week and even sober this start to the year: Compact disc Projekt Crimson has made official the arrival of a new The Witcher. The return of the license was an open-ended magic formula, but the Polish facility shared a visual that had generated many reactions and debates among fans for three days. The conversation director of Compact disc Projekt Crimson has therefore just raised his hand about this famous medallion.

This is the issue that affects all fans of The Witcher story and lore. Sober indeed, the universe of The Witcher is made up of several schools of witchers, each with different values, creeds and stories. Each school has an effigy kid medallion:

  • discussion school
  • griffin school
  • school of the wolf
  • school of the viper
  • Manticore School

    Thus, given the visual shared by Compact disc Projekt Crimson, the head of flin quickly evoked the school of talk in the minds of the supporters. In sober Lore The Witcher, sober witchers of this school are known for their sadism, irresponsibility, and psychological worries. They are aggressive, cruel and unpredictable like talkies.

    Okay, some mysteries shouldn’t be cuando mysterious. I can confirm that the locket is, indeed, in the shape of a lynx.

    queries since we do not know how to perform this school of the lynx which has never been much mentioned in the Lore sober The Witcher, national insurance in the games, national insurance in the books, national insurance in a series. A school never mentioned except in a fan fictional works published in the Witcher Fandom Wiki content.

    This misinformation teaches us that the Lynx school would have testosterone levels founded by the wizard Lambert and a wizard Keira Metz a sober The Witcher 3 event package, sober traveling south. This school of the Lynx would in fact be the school of the Cat reformed and rehabilitated by these two wizards.

    Many assumptions can then be made. Could Compact disc Project Crimson learn from this fan fiction to create the story for the next game? Will there be links with previous games or the return of certain characters? Will this new fable mark a split with the previous titles could focus on the unique skillet of The Witcher’s Lore? month. For the time, Compact disc Projekt Crimson has only confirmed that this new opus will run on Unreal Motor 5 (the REDengine is finished) and that the visual medallion represents el lynx. Sober in any case, be patient because the game should not show the tip of his nose before el minute.