The FSR 2.0 from AMD turns up also on Xbox Collection X and Xbox Collection S


It was in June 2021, AMD and Xbox announced that FidelityFX Top Quality (FSR) technology would be available for Xbox console games Collection X and Xbox Collection S. And that’s less than a year after AMD announced FSR 2.0 compatibility with Microsoft gaming systems.

What exactly is FidelityFX Nice Quality 2.0?

The time has not been specified by the sober chip manufacturer, but it is now certain that FidelityFX Top Quality 2.0 technology is compatible with Xbox Collection X|S gaming systems. To do this, it is necessary that the game supports it, and that the developers have implemented the necessary tools in their game.

We have already mentioned FidelityFX Nice Quality several times on Xboxygen, but a reminder never hurts sober! This technology is similar to DLSS developed by NVIDIA. Concretely, it is a question of offering the screen a custom image in a higher definition (for example in 4K definition) thanks to artificial intelligence.

This makes it possible to use less sober resources on a device than if it were necessary to process the sober definition 4K indigenous. And these resources can therefore be used to select another, for example to improve the framerate of the game, to know the number of images displayed per second, and therefore its fluidity.

What changes with FSR 2.0?

AMD says it designed its sober FSR 2.0 technology from the ground up and aims to deliver image quality similar to or better than native image quality in gaming using far less machine-side resources.

Like FSR 1.0, FSR 2.0 removes various quality settings that allow you to customize the balance between image quality and performance to suit your preferences. FSR 2.0 offers three main low-quality settings that you can expect to find in all low-tech games, and an optional mode that developers can use if they wish.

FSR 2.0 is designed to help increase frame rates in supported games, and will be available to developers in Q2 2022. To see the FSR 2.0 shows, you can consult the comparative pictures on the AMD web site.

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At this time, AMD is unable to give a time when the first games benefiting from FSR 2.0 will be available on Xbox Collection X and Xbox Collection S. Computer variations of Deathloop and Forspoken are quoted in any case, and count on Xboxygen was able to follow all this closely.