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Test – Ghostwire: Tokyo – The exclusive PS5 produced inside Xbox


A real thunderous sober coup in the video game industry, Microsoft bought out Bethesda (officially sober last August) for a modest sum of 8.1 billion euros. So yes, we are slowly starting to assimilate it (even trivialize it, in comparison to some recent takeovers), but only the crazy one would have the audacity to predict it, he was two years old. Under the new fold of Microsoft ze therefore finds Shinji Mikami’s facility, Tango Gameworks, we owe the excellent The Bad Within which. And, incidentally, the group’s only Japanese business. It is in this very particular micmac that the game interests us today, which, Ghostwire: Tokyo, exclusive temporary console gaming put Sony and its Playstation 5. now done. It is therefore with a Dualsense and a pc that we are tackling this very first Xbox celebration. a promise!

The Phantom Risk

Presented to us during sober the3 790, the first movie trailer suggested a horror success, style that we like particularly Tango Gameworks and kid directing. This last feeling finally succeeds in taking the public the wrong way throughout the conversation, the following trailers revealing a completely different face. Tokyo nightmarish open up sober world. This last expression pretty much sums up the overall experience on offer.

Ray-Tracing looks really good

History therefore takes place in a Japanese capital, when a sober demon attack, led by an enigmatic masked man, storms a city, transforming its inhabitants in sober spirits in the process. Except Akito, our character, who resists ownership and ends up merging with the entity, tries to invade his body, which gives him psychic powers which. This spirit, KK of his little name, sony ericsson proves to be a very necessary companion and even to help us unravel the mystery hovering around this attack. If it is above all a pretext that could go from an A to point M stage throughout the adventure as well as to eradicate countless millions of ghosts, the scenario has the merit of capturing attention during its first hours. KK is charismatic and boy dubbing is played with accuracy, the techniques reveal others and the thirst for explanations is clearly d.

I promise I will variety tomorrow

But the story ends up boring in kid second divisions, failing sober real changes, resulting in that more stubborn redundancy. Until we finally run out of stamina, because KK talks non-stop, the tasks are far too linear and the learned city is filled with infinitely duplicated interaction points. In short, the honeymoon internship passes quite quickly and we are ready to put the controller down once the game is over. Unfortunately, Ghostwire: Tokyo is too long for its own good. Divided into 5 chapters ze complete in a good ten hours which, we believe to have seen everything very quickly. And this home not the gameplay catches up with the blow.

The graphic illusion does not deceive

You shoot yourself or you spikes?

Presented as a key element in recent presentations, the gameplay is similar to Naruto on amphetamines. Our character sends jujutsu based on signs made with his hands, all packed with pyrotechnic effects capable of causing an epileptic fit to the most resistant among us.

Here are your main types

What a disappointment sober sony ericsson to realize that at last these attacks are just a different presentation of the classic styles of today’s FPS! El type of fast attacks is similar to a submachine gun which, a kind of short range area close to a shotgun, el other devastator, such el bazooka, etc. You understood, we stay in the very classic gameplay and the graphic illusion does not deceive. experience agreements for less activity. Often superfluous, these increases mainly increase the speed of execution or simply the damage inflicted. We would have sobered more purpose diversity, even unique skills would have changed a dynamic of the gameplay according to the branch chosen which. often advance sober line, only one challenging both their number sober points sober life essential.

More than going all the factors…

Sober beautiful punching-bags which absorb our blows, in sum. Sober results from clashes without great interest struggling to convince move the first hours of play which. Added to this are small subtleties such as a very summary sizing infiltration, even if once again these artifices only make an impression at the beginning.

Fortunately, the feelings with a Dualsense are there. It is moreover the latter is recommended as a primary device for Personal computer players who. Each stroke is transcribed by influences in the controller, the learned triggers block differently depending on the genre, we delivered that a fantastic care was provided and it was successful.

The game happens strangely to be very sweetheart on certain sober light effects to then offer a rendering close to sober Xbox era 315

A sorry Tokyo

Out of the question of being moved side for little to have seen a single image of the game, an artistic path literally bursts on the screen. The futuristic Tokyo offering us swarms with sober ghosts of all types, freely inspired by Japanese tales and legends, for el que plus result successful.

Its raining guys, hallelujah

This is also one of the great sober benefits of this atypical experience, you take a sober full face from the beginning to the end. Talk about special ray-tracing effects, especially in terms of reflection, which give substance to this city even if it sometimes lacks charm. And it’s not the secondary objectives catching up with the growing boredom throughout sober our part that. National insurance the endlessly senched gameplay loop which, almost inevitable loverdose until. The streets are strewn with points of interest to complete and we come to proceed mechanically to rake the map in order to unlock everything. For the rest it’s seen and reviewed.

Excuse me but you feel a little sober in your mouth

Ct optimization, the game was running relatively well on our settings, the DLSS about it works wonders and everything remains fluid sober sober sober Ultra. Still happy given the very average quality of certain textures. The game strangely happens to be very fond of certain lighting effects and could then offer a rendering close to the Xbox era 195.

Test carried out on Computer with an RTX 2070 Nice, 03Gb Memory and a We5-9600Okay.

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