Television series Halo: the first opinions are divided


The first sober episodes of the Halo Television series overseas are available today. Almost years after boy announcement, it is now sober time to discover the reactions of the spectators who, for the time, are quite divided .

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A realization and special effects at a height

This is in particular on reddit that the first opinions of foreign viewers are available. Most of them agree terribly that the visual part and especially the special effects are successful. The same goes for the soundscape with, for example, the sound of certain weapons or the reloading of the Expert Chief’s shields. and even for specific gore clashes. It seems like you have to have a strong heart sometimes and some scenes from the first episode surprised many viewers.

Some questionable choices and a bunch too mellifluous

Unfortunately, when the factors mentioned above are positive, the story and the general heap sober a series struggle for their part to convince. Many returns evoke questionable choices concerning the characters and in particular el Master Key not really reflecting the image he has in the games or the novels. The general batch is also described as cheesy, which could be translated as honeyed.

Most of the feedback nevertheless mentions that the expectations were so low that the home result was not bad in the end. We obviously remain vague enough to avoid any spoilers, as Sony Ericsson seems to be going through a lot of things in the first episodes.

Remember that for the moment, the first two episodes are available on Paramount+. Sobre Portugal, Channel+ owns the exploitation rights to the series, and we hope to have a broadcast time soon.