Robotry is announced, the sober puzzle game will be released fall 2022 on Xbox


Indie games were in the spotlight this week. It is in the United States that ze is currently holding the Combined Event which celebrated this year’s tenth anniversary on the side of San Francisco. At this event, Facilities Lockpickle presented Robotry, the game in which your sober thinking mind will be put to the test. The little movie trailer was presented while waiting for a release scheduled for the fall 2022.

Take control of an automaton and perform experiments in Robotry

Behind this little name sony ericsson hides a sober platform game based on a physical structure in which you embody a learned metal man walking in the cosmos. Boy goal is sober to carry out several experiments different plants sober being helped by small scientists lemon on. You can control the character with your analog stays so you can move each of his legs. You can thus walk by making alternate steps or jump by provoking an impulse against the ground. You can also grab and throw objects, kick or climb walls. more enjoyable over going through the multiplayer mode available over regional as well as online, and that every minute over your game. Robotry even offers you 8-to-8 playable volleyball celebrations.

Robotry will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|S, Nintendo Switch and Computer with a release scheduled for next fall.

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