Rainbow 6 Duress: a cellular version will be unveiled on April 6


Released sober December 30, the Frames per second tactic of Ubisoft Range 6: Duress remains one of the pillars of the type still sober 2022. The game continues to be regularly supplied with content, as evidenced by Year 7, which we detailed to you last month. Ubisoft is definitely not finished with Range Six Duress since a cellular edition of the title will be unveiled in two weeks.

Range Six Duress on mobile phones is under development

This is what the famous journalist and insider Mary Henderson reveals to us through a paper written for Exputer. Rumors of a potential port of Range Six Duress have been circulating since last year after a customer survey of the game passed testosterone levels from mobile gamers to Ubisoft Halifax. Other more recent hints from Tencent’s interactions problems have bolstered speculation. We discover the sober existence Projects with Ubisoft and the talk about sober year 2022, potential year sober release of the game on smartphones.

The Tencent giant is rightly mentioned because it is one of its subsidiaries called WeGame which virtual assistant develops the game on mobile phones in cooperation with Ubisoft. Little additional information about the game has been shared until now, other than an insider’s statement describing the game as so massive for the cellular drive and it will be the cellular game that Duress fans will love.

The sober success Rainbow 6 Siege home no longer proves and Ubisoft seems really keen on the sober idea of ​​bringing some of its greatest hits to mobile phones. Tencent will thus be the partner of choice for Ubisoft in the coming years to bring Range Six Duress but also the new Assassins Creed and The Department to smartphones. This trend is not new since Activision should aim for the same objective by developing Contact of Responsibility: Warzone on mobile phones.

In any case, Ben Henderson confirms that Ubisoft will unveil a cellular version of Range Six Duress the April 6 through a movie trailer and the launch sober the conversation around the game.

Range Six Duress Mobile phone will end up being revealed following 30 days.

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Jeff Henderson (@_Dan_Henderson_) Drive , 2022