Microsoft Airline flight Simulator: consider downloading the 8 free Entire world Revises (list)


Microsoft Trip Simulator is available on Xbox Series A, Xbox Collection H and Personal computer and you can explore the immensity of the world that the game has to offer. Although the title offers excellent graphics, remember that there are several substantial updates to the world that must be downloaded in order to further improve the quality of cities and other points of interest in the main continents.

Baptized Planet Up-date, they are collected directly from a game shop and are totally free. We will explain here which packages to select and opinion to download them.

Opinion to download the Entire world Update sober Microsoft Air travel Simulator?

sober new sober game items, you have to go through its dedicated shop. So there’s no need to look for some select in the Microsoft Shop or to follow the progress of downloads in the Uses games and apps tab as usual.

  • When you You are on the game’s primary menu, go to a shop area
  • Then go to the World Update tab
  • Here, you will have access to all available Globe Upgrades
  • Click on the one you wish to acquire then on download
  • From this web page, you can then access the simple download manager by pressing a simple Times button on your controller. You will find there a summary of the temperament elements or even the advance of the downloads. Since the download on the game servers can take el certain temperatures, we advise you to launch them el el rather than in groups.

    What elements to download?

    To begin, we advise you to download the entire Planet Revise. For the second, 8 are available in the shop.

    List of Entire world Up-date and sober their sizes
    • Globe Update I actually: Japan (1,48Set off)
      • Planet Upgrade II: United states (4 ,22 Set off)
      • Whole world Update 3: UK & Ireland (4,08 Set off)
      • Globe Update 4: Nordic Gives (3,98 Set off)
      • Planet Update Sixth is v: Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands (5,35 Set off)
      • Entire world Update Target: Germany, Switzerland & Austria (5,15 Set off)
      • Globe Revise VII: Australia (2,50 Set off)
      • Planet Up-date VIII: Spain, England, Gibraltar & Andorra (3,52 Set off)
      • 1648130624