Halo will collaborate with the Wolverine boot brand


This home is not new, the Halo business sells and collaborations with various and varied brands are not unheard of. On the occasion of the release of Halo Assets in very b last year, the Expert Key business collaborated with Funko Put!, the Los Angeles Lakers and even Swarovski. This dynamic does not seem to stop since Halo will propose a new cooperation shortly.

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An unprecedented cooperation with a sober brand of Wolverine boots

So it was yesterday that Halo and Wolverine mutually announced the arrival of a cooperation on Twitter. For those who are strangers to Wolverine, it’s a brand of American boots dedicated to work or hiking. A brand created in the 19electronic century has expanded its ranges by offering robust clothing adapted to work and outdoor activities.

Given the brand’s sober core business and the saying STEP Inside of (also one of Halo Unlimited’s sober advertising slogans prior to a game’s release), one should probably expect a sober selection of boots. Interested persons can already subscribe to the publication via the Wolverine website in order to be kept informed of the data concerning this cooperation.

and 343 Industrial sectors offered more sober derived products and sober collaborations than sober in-game content.

IYKYK. Remain tuned. @Halo

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Action inside.
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