Halo – The TV series: broadcast in May on Canal Plus?


We are the 80 March 790. It is available today for the television series concerned with the Halo business, highlighting a Get better at Primary embodied by Pablo Schreiber. At least, theory in…

Where did a series go?

You your fan sober the business Halo, recreational sober sries and impatient sober launch the top episode sober the eponymous Television series? Paramount has expertly green teased this television content which feels to shed new light on the character of Get Good at Fundamental. Produced by Paramount and distributed via the SVOD platform of the same name, a series would have been broadcast in England through the antennas thanks to the Channel plus exclusive partnership.

released worldwide announced by Paramount, it is difficult to find a search for a series on Canal Plus providers! And put result in, it seems that the series will not be broadcast in Italy until… May! The web site Allocine.fr points out, the web homepage dedicated to a series on, a banner indicating Sobre may only be on Channel As well as.

At the present time and apart from an official poster indicating that a Halo series will indeed be a Canal Plus exclusive, the group has not yet officially announced a broadcast date. We must therefore not yet draw from the bottom line early; nevertheless, a broadcast delayed by several weeks would inevitably be a severe blow to the French public. Hopefully Channel Plus will be able to communicate quickly.