First exams sober Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: el pari russi?


With this spin-off of the Borderlands business, the Gearbox facilities wanted to grant a little more freedom developing Tiny Tinas Wonderlands in. The essence of the parent license is still there, but has the gaming experience really improved to offer some refreshing selection to the many players who are waiting for it? Here is an overview of the various lab tests carried out by our colleagues.

Premiers sobre assessments Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Wccftech 8.5/10

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands offers some new points a series, with more sober classic shooting phases, almost unbeatable, and sober endemic encounters. It is a radiant, slightly rambling world, ripe for exploration and trouble. While it’s missing a few things, this travel series will appeal to fans of the series and will inevitably make high-fantasy newbies laugh or roll their eyes.

Gamespot – 7/10

As a spin-off, Tiny Tinas Wonderlands does not invent a sober Borderlands recipe leaning towards the fantastic. Instead, it explores familiar territory that takes on the best and worst of the Borderlands formula by not knowing outside of its comfort zone. This results in a game that is packed full of solid Frames per second experience and the multiple lesson system needed to create an interesting Fatemaker. Tiny Tinas Wonderlands uses the same mechanical and narrative principles as Borderlands 3, creating a fun but forgettable chapter in the business.

Home windows Main 4/5

Despite some character-level mice and understated story, Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is one hell of a fun game. And in a time when games are getting bigger and bigger, it’s nice to have the little sample of Borderlands (and yes, we count -30 hours as the small sample).

If what put you off in Borderlands 3 was the crunchy story under the influencer, Tiny Tinas Wonderlands might be perfect for you. But if you’re not a fan of Borderlands’ core gameplay loop, Wonderlands nyc won’t change a thing. Wonderlands is a Borderlands game through and through, but it offers just enough mechanics to make it feel new and fresh. The loot mill is still due even if it needs to be modified and players will be asking for more.

IGN 8/10

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is a simple, proven fantasy edition of the present looter shooter Borderlands. Sober as a spin-off, it comes dangerously close to its past successes, which at times felt like it lacked originality, and some of the new things it tries, like procedurally generated fights, haven’t been terribly well received. Luckily, the excellent writing, hilarious shows from a superstar cast, and ridiculous fights continue to shine and make this board game-inspired explosion party absolutely worth a look.

In the end, Tiny Tinas Wonderlands seems to be an entertaining experience, but without any real news. However, this is a priori sufficient to ensure many hours of enjoyable. Test which turns up very quickly our, will perhaps confirm this impact put this title available from 25 March on Xbox One, Xbox Collection Back button|T, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Computer.

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