Fairy tale: a development complicated by the lack of experience of Recreation space Video games


It has now been more than 5 years since the Playground Video games facility has been developing the next Myth, a title eagerly awaited by Xbox gamers. Very little information has been shared by the British facility now except for a few major hires so far, such as that of an ex-developer from Rare and a video game developer from Compact disc Project. Nevertheless, it seems that the business is encountering some difficulties with the development of this new Fairy tale.

A lack of experience and a difficult version for the original creators sober Forza Horizon

It is sober in effect what emerges sober in the component of the developer. Play ground Video games is a recording studio created in 2010 by industry veterans specializing in car games and open-world games. This is how the fable Forza Horizon gave them testosterone levels and what is their only and special manufacturing major since 12 years. A costing of the Myth project would have changed many things within the studio room and the adaptation would be more difficult than expected.

It is clear that a creation of a sober racing game in a open world and a sober illusion universe in RPG format do not have much sober in common and this would explain a slow progress of development according to the designer Juan Fernandez who worked for a small second on Fairy tale within sober Playground Video games.

Recreation space Video games is a very organized and creation-oriented facility. Every two years, they release a Forza Horizon that has over 90 on Metacritic, with quality incredible. They’ve taken the training course games and dominated them for the past few years. They are very smart and know what they are doing. They wanted to learn to get into something different and they thought what they were good at was open world program games, but they lacked people with the knowledge of how the gameplay is done. In an open world, the way to control a character and the activities are very different from what you find in a racing game. At the technological level, it is necessary to develop animated graphics, scripts, and the quest system. Sony Ericsson moving in a car 300 km/h has very different requirements than a viewpoint in the countryside.

Fernandez also evokes the sober work ethic sober Playground Video games: doing more with less. It works logically and proven on a formula as mastered as Forza Horizon, but which shows its limits when it comes to developing a new game of a completely different type.


The open worlds of action RPGs are incredibly complicated to make, they take a lot of low temperatures. A lot of people and Play ground have the mentality of doing more with less, that if Assassins Creed is made by 2010 people, they will 150 Where 200, and that they do in 7 years, they will make Myth in 5. It’s good to be ambitious, but you also have to be realistic and what I saw was that [le développement] was getting longer and longer.

This enriching testimonial provides many answers to the queries that ze players are asking sober waiting sober news about the Fairy tale project. Juan Fernandez remains optimistic all the same, because according to him, the latest recruitments made by Recreation space Video games can only be positive given the progress of development.