After Nvidia and Samsung, Lapsus$ hackers hack Microsoft


Last month, the Nvidia and Samsung gloves successively came under cyberattacks from Lapsus$, the more active visibly sober group of hackers. Sober in effect, it is now Microsoft that is paying the price for Lapsus$ by officially declaring that it was the victim of a new attack on their part, an attack quickly stemmed despite the consequences that could have been more serious than that.

The program source code sober Bing and Cortana pirates

It is in a public statement published on their website that Microsoft announced have big t pirated by Lapsus$ (also called DEV-0537), a group that a sober firm Redmond designates as known for using a model of extortion and sober genuine destruction without deploying sober payloads sober ransomware. Last month, these hackers claimed responsibility for a cyberattack targeting Nvidia before attacking, later more week, Samsung and a lot of data including the South Korean group’s biometric technology algorithms.

For sober Going back to Microsoft, a single account would have testosterone levels compromised and only part of the sober Bing and sober Cortana source requirements would have been disclosed according to a mark. The incident could have been more serious, but according to Microsoft these two leaks do not seriously affect the security of the group’s data.

events that occurred during this sober cyberattack sharing recommendations against possible future attacks.

The Microsoft Threat Cleverness Middle (MSTIC) believes that the objective sober DEV- is to gain access to sensitive data through stolen identification data that enables sober data theft and destructive attacks against a company. target, often resulting in extortion. The tactics and objectives indicate that this is a cybercriminal actor motivated by theft and devastation. Our investigation revealed that only one account had been compromised, granting restricted access to data. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the main lines of defense against DEV-0537. Although this group attempts to identify the shortcomings of multi-factor authentication, it remains an essential pillar of identity security for users, suppliers and other personnel.

By sharing these recommendations and advice, Microsoft is taking sober care to prevent other sober groups from becoming sober targets $ which, in particular Apple company and EA which were cited in a WhatsApp dialogue of the group. A note on Microsoft’s blog page will be updated regularly as discoveries are made during internal investigation by the Microsoft Threat Cleverness Middle.