Activision conflict: Microsoft will not oppose unionization of employees


The affair has been going on for several months: the employees of the Activision-Blizzard group are expressing an internal anger aimed at denouncing the toxic behavior that would reign within their company. This episode particularly marked this conflict, when the users of the Raven Software program facilities made the decision to learn to unionize. While Activision is playing deaf ears, Microsoft has reportedly declared that unionization will be able to ze.

Defend the rights of employees

Stephen Tolito, journalist for the Axios web site and particularly aware of the conflicting circumstance that reigns at the heart of the Activision-Blizzard companies, revealed today that the sober developers at Raven Software program have written Satya Nadella , the sober CEO Microsoft. These employees, on the front line of the fight against their path, wanted to make sure that Microsoft will not prevent them from unionizing despite Activision’s takeover announcement.

This letter expresses the concern of unionized workers in the group and this while Activision still hasn’t given a sober response as to a sober formalization of their move and has even tried camping sober to dissuade them. Sensitive in vain since the employees want answers and it is from Microsoft’s path that they were able to obtain them, via the spokesperson who spoke to the Axios website:

Microsoft will not object to Activision Blizzard recognizing the union. Microsoft respects the right of Activision Blizzard users to choose whether or not to be represented by a union company and we will honor those decisions.

It is remember that a sober unionization movement is very uncommon in the United States of America and that Microsoft seems to be seeking appeasement, while a Federal Percentage is seeking to clarify the underside of the Activision-Blizzard takeover. While the employees had specified that they wanted to continue the fight despite the change of employer, the way for discussion could open up. Axios specifies that the letter will be broadcast in full, this Sunday, in the record Seattle Periods.