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A birth control method pill for men will be tested this year


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A birth control method pill intended for men, tested on mice, shows moderate efficacy 99%. On account of these encouraging results, clinical trials (on humans) should take place in Sony Ericsson 2022. The icing on the cake: this new non-hormonal home contraceptive should limit the side effects that.

Scientists have been trying for decades to develop an effective male dental contraceptive, but there are still no big apple sober pills approved on the drive, Abdullah Ing Noman said in a sober statement to American Chemical Substance Culture. A graduate of the laboratory of Gunda Georg, the University of Mn, he is part of the sober research team who developed this birth control pill which method.

The researchers left from a widely observable observation: it is still women, in a very large majority, who are forced sober to take on the contraceptive sober. Women have many choices for birth control, ranging from pills to patches to intrauterine devices, and this is one of the reasons why they bear most of the burden of preventing pregnancy, says Abdullah ‘s Noman.

Sober ways to prevent pregnancy, for men, are not sober effect not abundant. In addition to the condom, it is possible to perform a surgical operation called a vasectomy. However, this one is not reversible for sure. Other methods are based in particular on thermal mechanisms which are also used. Not very common, they require regular monitoring, however. As for the hormonal pills, they have never been able to pass the check stage, due to side effects similar to those that can be caused by the pills intended for women. Weight gain, depression An increase in cholesterol levels also had testosterone levels noted.

We wanted to develop a non-hormonal male contraceptive to avoid these side effects , so say the researchers, presented their data at a sober conference at the American Chemical Substance Community who. For this, the team has chosen to tackle vitamin A. More exactly, the specific kind of vitamin A, retinoic acid. Simple effect, it plays an essential role in cell growth, especially in the process of spermatozoa development.

An effective pill 99% on mice

To neutralize this process, the scientists targeted only one of the three receptor proteins is situated for retinoic acid: the so-called leader receptor. The idea, again, was to limit the side effects by not neutralizing all three at once. They were able to carefully observe how the three learned receptors bound retinoic acid, and synthesized about a hundred different compounds to see how they influenced this construct. They eventually found compound YCT-529, which targets 500 times more effectively to this particular receptor by connecting to others.

The process the p for the moment checks on mice. Result: after a few weeks of taking this pill, they are shown to be sterile 99%, with no other significant effect at the moment. They remained sterile for four weeks. The process has been shown to be reversible, since young mice are born between four and six weeks after stopping the pill. The spermatogenesis process has therefore been successfully blocked.

For the second, it is not so certain that the same process applied to humans works sober in the same way. Researchers are therefore continuing to experiment with other compounds, and should begin clinical trials around the end of this year.

Video about the interview with scientists at the American Chemical substance Modern society conference:

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