New Elden Band Update: French Sober Patch 1.03.2 Details


Elden Band is without a doubt one of the most popular sober games at the start of the year. Since its release the 36 last February, the bb from FromSoftware has delighted fans of the type and keep on delivering his techniques. Cuando the title is appreciated, it could not have been spared so much by the glitches strategies and it is today a new update which is available.

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A new update is available

It’s been a few days, the facilities unveiled update 1.03 which brought many fixes and several balancing adjustments. Today is update 1..2 which is available and comes to correct bugs introduced by the previous area.

We are releasing this new update to fix several bugs from Patch 1.03.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but please apply a last update before you can enjoy the game.

Remember that the game is playable ds now on Xbox Collection Back button|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5 and Computer. You will find below the complete repair note in French.

Details on update 1.25.2

Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from advancing in the quest for the NPC Nepheli Loux.

Changed a bug that caused death of the player when trying sober to descend from a location near the Beast Sanctuary.

Changed a bug that prevented the Sober Endure Sober War Ash from taking effect.

Fixed a bug that allowed the sober player to teleport other players with incorrect sober map coordinates sober multiplayer.

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