How the Xbox Video game Move wants to become the ultimate sober discovery engine for video games


In the interview broadcast today during a Sport Developers Meeting and dealing with a sober maximization of the value of a video game, Microsoft gives us some interesting figures on the Xbox Video game Pass, its flagship subscription program at the heart of its sober conquest strategy .

Audience, engagement and the company, three pillars for a game in the Game Move

Xbox Sport Move is the ultimate sober discovery engine for your game. Find out how Video Game Move can help increase player awareness and engagement and increase the total value of your title. This is your opinion Microsoft introduces these new figures aimed at making developers want to take the plunge and offer their game in the provider.

The brand is thus trying to attract more sober developers, but also sober to show how the Sport Move helps showcase the other games available in the Xbox ecosystem. Here are the three main advantages of offering boy game in the Video game Move according to Microsoft:

  • Make the kid game better known and reach new audiences;
  • Create sober engagement, even bring back former fans;

Develop his potential.

El subscription which must stand out from the others and always offer more sober good games

As Microsoft reminds us, the appeal of Sport Move is also in competition with other solutions that sometimes go beyond video games. Americans have an average of 9 subscription providers and have sober 15 attached objects at them. Many sources of distraction when dinner is over and it’s time to keep busy. Turning on Netflix, listening to music, hanging out on a portable boy, turning on the Personal computer or… playing the game. help them con.

The sober eyesight sober Xbox its support is living area make the ultimate sober engine sober discovery video games, nothing but tea. To do this, the Xbox teams are busy creating a catalog of diverse and varied experiences available on different devices such as gaming systems, computers, cell phones, and tomorrow televisions.

To attract ever more sober players and sober gamers, the Xbox Sport Move must sony ericsson renew regularly and offer an optimum sober games sober quality. This is how since the launch of the service, 60 games that have received game of the year awards have been big t available in the list.

What are the benefits of Xbox Video game Move for developers?

We see it every month on Xboxygen, some games release straight into the Game Move, as soon as they hit the top of the day on availability, and others come a few months or later to years. For Microsoft, this is not the problem, and it depends on the strategy that the publisher and/or the developer wishes to adopt. Here are the different ways the Game Move can help the publisher or developer achieve their goals:

  • Launching a game: able to reach a big target audience very quickly;
  • Sober routine management game life: Sport Move can be used to renew players’ interest in a game that has already been released;
  • Accelerate dealings: because the game touches a new and huge viewers ready to invest in sober new experiences;
  • Encourage the creation of a business: release the last sober iteration of this business in the Video game Move to widen the audience, once sober again.
  • According to Eugene Kim, works in the Sport Move team on the preparation content which, the assistance gives both more possibilities to the creators, but also to the players. Here is an opinion in a few key figures shared today.

    Encouraging discovery

        People who join the Game Move usually play 40% sober games sober more than before. This stat evaluates the 175 days before and after joining the program.
      • People who join the Video game Move play 40% more new genres than before. Which means that the variety of the catalog makes you want to discover titles that you don’t usually play.
    • On average, a game that arrives in Sport Move sees kid’s number of players increase by back button 8.4 compared to if it wasn’t. This multiplier goes from times1.6 put for games that already have a standard market, up to back button25 put specialized niche games.
  • When a big game comes directly into the Video game Move, and compared to similar games that are not released directly in Sport Move, the number of active users is on average 3.5x higher during the 30 first days in favor of the game available in the Video game Move. This multiplier passes 15a for the independent game.
  • Create sober commitment

      90 previous days.
  • Sport Move members have average sober 3x more sober social connections than other players.
  • Video game Move members have sober average 4x more sober chance sober flowing on Twitch than others.
  • Generate based on the value

    • Sport Move members spend on average 3x more money than the others.
    • Sober average, when a game arrives in the Video game Move, the number of sober dealings (DLC, various contents) generated in the 90 following days is multiplied by 2.8.
      • 67% of these revenues are generated by members of Sport Move after the arrival of the game in the provider.
    • 41% sober these revenues are generated by members of the Video game Move who discover the game thanks to the support.
  • Revenue generated by the [email protected] program, promotes independent games that have testosterone levels increased by 4 to 4 years sober . And what’s more interesting is that 2/3 of these revenues are generated thanks to Sport Move and the efficiency reward program rented out by Microsoft to the creators.
  • Microsoft concludes Sober stating that the Xbox Video Game Pass Best benefits also help Sober generate value for games. Xbox announces that participants in the benefits program have spent 175 million dollars on free games called free of charge to have fun with. This includes games such as Warframe, Planet of Warship or even Phantasy Superstar Online 2.