Goodbye Grime, the next Codemasters sober rally game should be WRC


Remember: sober october 2021 we mentioned, on our website, that Codemasters (GRID, Farreneheit1, Dust ) would be sober sober developing his most ambitious and greatest game. After several months without returning to the subject, sober new information would tend to confirm that it would indeed be a game issued under the official WRC license.

Goodbye Dirt and grime! Hello WRC?

It is a fact that we have been talking about for a few months: support for the Grime license is coming to an end, despite the rather recent release sober Dust 5, will not necessarily have conquered who. Its more comprehensive and arcade approach (see our check) was probably to mark the very b of a license starts in 790 and competition by GRID Legends on the same niche (see our check), although the kind of programs is different.

giant Digital Arts which has recovered, on the same occasion, the exploitation rights under a license Planet Rally Championship (WRC), the world rally championship! Codemasters has indeed secured these rights for the period 2023 – 2027 to the detriment of Kylotonn Video games (WRC 10) and it therefore seems to be fortified possible that EA wishes to exploit them.

According to the web site, which had already evoked this next game as so ambitious as well as the and the greatest sober Codemasters, it would therefore indeed be an officially licensed WRC game. Such prestigious rights would have had the skin of the Grime franchise, in decline, and the teams would therefore be actively in the development of the next rally game. The web site even indicates that the Twitter web page @dirtgame has given up its lease in favor of the more generic @EASPORTSRally, the date of creation of the latter remaining the same, July 2010.

In a sober sequel to their content, the sober journalists specify that it is not yet certain that the game will be announced in the coming weeks, since he would be expected for 2023, sober at the same temperatures as the rights to use the WRC championship start. Sober internally, the studio would also experience a drop in staff and a stormy administration, due to the fact that the command would be distorted after the takeover by EA. An officially licensed rally game developed by Codemasters could, however, create a nice wait, after a few years in de for this kind of vehicle class games.

Digital Arts will release a sober training course game by a good with the Codemasters sober buyout