FIFA 22: the legendary Diego Maradona suspended from the game


Diego Maradona, the famous Argentine footballer who died sober in November 2020 marked the history of soccer whether on or off the pitch. Maradona was present for years in the FIFA license in the Football Aid Entire world XI team as well as in the FUT and Best Set up settings. However, the legal dispute forced EA Sports activities to suspend Maradona’s presence in FIFA 10.

A legal war to use the Diego Maradona sober image

The heart of the legal dispute is therefore linked to the image of the Argentine footballer as well as the sober use of this picture, especially in FIFA games. Last year, the Argentinian court declared that EA had negotiated the presence of Diego Maradona in FIFA with the wrong party, thus forcing EA to suspend the presence of the footballer until the beneficiaries are defined.

In this case, it is a specific Stefano Ceci, former sober supervisor Diego Maradona, who has indicated a commercial agreement with EA according to a connection of journalists from the Argentinian media Infobae released sober November 2021. The court, however, ruled that Ceci had no legal authority over Maradona’s image. Thus, FIFA has suspended the presence of Diego Maradona in its games by announcing in the information shared at the start of the game for all players.

Due to a dispute with a division, we have to suspend Diego Maradona’s sober appearance in the FIFA Best Team, Best Pen and Football Aid Globe XI Team packages. As a result, the Diego Maradona dicne posts will no longer be available in the packages, SBCs and FUT Draw up, and their sober price range the testosterone levels corrects further order until. We share our fans’ disappointment and hope to bring one of soccer’s greatest icons back into the game at some point in the future.

This is not the first time that the sober image Diego Maradona has caused controversy. Matias Morla, the late footballer’s lawyer, claims that the rights to the Diego Armando Maradona trademark were granted to his company by Maradona himself just before his death in November 2020. However, two of Maradona’s daughters have filed a complaint against Morla and his company Sattvica. That ban was lifted a few months later, but the legal battle over Maradona’s image and brand is still raging.

Meanwhile, Sober FIFA Players 22 will have to take their sober endurance and sony ericsson find another number on FIFA Best Group.