Contact of Responsibility Warzone: concerns over 120 Hz on Xbox Collection X|H still under investigation


Contact of Responsibility Warzone is one of the most played multiplayer titles every day. Activision’s free-to-play fight royale receives new content on a regular basis and it’s a specific Snoop Dogg that will soon be integrated into the game. However, if you play on Xbox Collection X|T and have a suitable television 120 Hz, you must be wondering when the facility plans to restore compatibility 120 Hz.

Raven is still working on it

If you haven’t followed this story, be aware that the game is normally playable low 120 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Collection X|S. But for several months and the launch of the Caldera card, Xbox players have been deprived of the 120 Hz setting and Raven Software program seems struggling to rectify the situation.

The good news is that the business remains on the spot and things could change from the sober approach to a season 3. In an information write-up recently by On the Charlieintel account, we learn that Raven is still working on her resolution.

not, updates for unaim support issues, and that they are still working on a sober 04Hz issue resolution on units Xbox Collection.

Not sober at this time, but they hope to provide more details of Season 3 as they approach.

It is now hoped that the teams will find a solution quickly in order to allow those with i invested in a new generation gaming console sober to be able to fully exploit it with their favorite game.

Raven more well informed us that they are usually looking from up-dates for footstep audios, improvements to problems with purpose help, and are usually still functioning to fix the 120Hz concern on Xbox Collection games consoles.

Zero timeline for the these however, but they wish to provide even more information closer to Period 3.

CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) March , 2022