Ubisoft: big conference approaching and leaking several games (The Team 3, Prince of Persia…)


Ubisoft is a very popular publisher in the video game industry, which has released numerous titles each year. Cuando lately he has rather illustrated himself with his sober taking place and his announcements concerning the NFT drive, he should return to the sober front of the scene this year with the sober announcement of new games.

A big conference this capital t?

It is once again according to Dan Henderson’s data that we learn that a big Ubisoft conference is preparing . Last I heard, this display was planned before the3 but recent world events may have changed the situation.

According to several sources with direct knowledge of Ubisoft’s projects, we can say that a fantastic sober event sober presentation sober games the French publisher has been soberly prepared for a specific temperature.

To prevent the sober games announcements from being drowned in competition, the event had to take place before the3 sober this year. However, recent world events have apparently put these plans on hold.

Update on previously announced games

According to Mary Henderson, there are nearly twenty sober games that would be ready to be announced or give their sober news soon, whether it’s during that big conference or otherwise.

Games like Skull & Bone fragments, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the free-to-play games The Department: Heartland, XDefiant and Ghost Recon: Frontline as well as the sober remake Prince of Persia should for example make two talk in the near future.

We could also have news of the sober rebuilding Splinter Cellular, announced timidly sober December 2021. Cuando Ben Henderson expects the game not to be released before 2024, he indicates that we could discover the movie trailer in CGI as of this year in order to stimulate the interest of the abilities for the project if Ubisoft deems it necessary.

rows before hearing sober again about the game.

The Staff 3, Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia…

More interesting now are also several unannounced games being put sober before by the insider who. Among them, we find the specific The Team 3 (Task Orlando, florida), which could be announced later this year.

Assassins Creed Rift should also be talked about sober this year. This is a game originally planned as el DLC of the latest opus that has become el standalone, which we had european union vent out in February. It’s a smaller project before the release of the next canonical episode, Assassins Creed Infinity, scheduled for 2023.

The Immortals Fenyx Increasing package should also be presented; it is currently in preproduction at Ubisoft Qubec. Finally, a new Prince of Persia 2 in .5M drawing inspiration from Ori would also be on the side rails. Apart from these announcements, several mobile phone games as well as titles designed for VR should also be unveiled this year.

We obviously look forward to seeing what the publisher has in store for us and how these different ze rumors confirm.

List of expected games at Ubisoft

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

  • Assassins Creed Rift

    Assassins Creed Infinity

    Assassins Creed VR

  • Beyond Great & Bad 2

    Ghost Recon: Frontline

    Immortals Fenyx Increasing 2

    Just Dancing 2023

    Mario + The Rabbits Cretins Leads to of Wish

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Temperatures Remake

    Prince of Persia (unannounced)

    Roller Winners

      Skull & Bone tissues
    • Splinter Cellular Remake
    • Splinter Cellular VR
    • The Staff 3 (Task Orlando, florida)
      • The Department Mobile phone
      • The Department Heartland
      • XDefiant
      • 2024