Tekken: an anime series on Netflix announced in video


Announcements of adaptations of video game franchises have been raining in recent weeks. The American entertainment giant, Netflix, seems particularly sensitive to this drive could offer ever more varied content that kid list. Last buy in time? The adaptation rights of Tekken, the fighting game.

An anim who risks sober hitting fortification!

Tekken is a sober games sober fight series that first appeared sober 2022. Long known as a special business for PlayStation units, it has gradually been exported to other facilities. Today, Tekken is about fifteen games distributed on hair salon console games as well as portable ones having acquired its recognition on its fights in 3D. Una license therefore becomes an anime series, the following summary of which has been revealed:

The power, there is only truth. Despite the teachings of his mother, who taught him from an early age traditional martial arts in the purest design of the Kazama family, Jin Kazama could not prevent his demonic being from destroying all that was dear to him, upsetting his ever life. Furious with himself, Jin swore to learn revenge and his quest for absolute power was able to achieve his ends. Boy pope the will lead the ultimate fight on a world arena: the Full of Metal Fist Competition.

Iconic, a license offers a known universe sober beginners type games and unique characters. It’s one of them, Jin Kazama, who feels the honor of being at the heart of the plot of Netflix’s new anime series, Tekken Bloodline. It will tell the adventures of a rejuvenated Jin and the beginnings of the dark character that we usually know. Jin will cross paths with iconic characters like Heihachi or Master. Release planned in 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

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