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Square Enix launches into tense reality with Qualcomm


Looks like Square Enix has been trying new things in recent months. After announcing its purpose to launch into NFTs, the Japanese company is still seeking to diversify its business portfolio and publishes a joint press release with Qualcomm package their collaboration. An alliance aims to offer tense reality gaming experiences that.

When two gloves meet

Square Enix is ​​one of the major players in the gaming industry. Created in 1975 in Japan under the sole name of Square, the company has continued to develop by integrating Enix (Dragon Pursuit) in 2003 or Eidos (Tomb Raider, Hitman) in 2009. After having launched the mitigated Stranger of Paradise: Last Fantasy Beginning (see our check), the publisher today announces that it is launching into extended reality based on the expertise of Qualcomm, an American specialist in telecommunications options.

Square Enix has always been committed to using cutting-edge sober gaming technology to push the boundaries of sober storytelling, delivering unforgettable experiences for our fans, said Ben Taylor, Chief Technical Officer. sober Square Enix Co., Ltd. We’ve invested in XR and can’t wait to build on Snapdragon Areas. Particularly sober, we believe the second came with XR to innovate on games of a classic type that we are particularly known for and we look forward to sharing them with the world to continue our goal of helping spread happiness around the world.

Square Enix has a rich history of bringing deep storytelling and engaging gameplay that has pushed the potential for new sober gaming platforms, on every sober console generation. We’re excited to work together and raise the bar on what’s achievable in gaming with AR glasses using Snapdragon Areas, said Brian Vogelsang, Senior Director of XR Product Management, Qualcomm Technology, Inc.

The somewhat obscure press release puts sober before a collaboration around sober Snapdragon Areas XR technology. When we refer to Qualcomm’s specialty, we can assume that it will probably be about creating new experiences or adapting classics from the Square-Enix-Eidos catalog on cellular or headphones, all in virtual reality. Snapdragon Areas XR was launched in 2021 and aims to enable the creation of 3D applications in extended reality.

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