Sonic Excellent: a Television series announced by Netflix


You didn’t know which series to start in 30? Worry no more: Netflix takes care of everything! After announcing the different television types of Cyberpunk, Tomb Raider, Splinter Cellular or the very recent Tekken, we learn that Sonic feeling is also an animated right boy in 30.

Gotta move quick!

An emblematic mascot sober SEGA the wind out sober stern in recent months: between the popular success sober of his top feature film, his package which arrives sober on April 6 and the very next arrival sober Sonic Frontiers, the blue hedgehog the fortification to do to entertain us when he has just come sober to celebrate his 30 years of existence.

Netflix thus presents its new creation, Sonic Leading, a sober cartoon series 11 episodes intended sober priority to (big) children. Animated by sober Canadian studios WildBrain (Greatest Extent Metal, Fireman Sam, Chad the Builder), the series will be executive produced by Guy of Activity Enjoyment (Ben 10, Bakugan) and jointly by SEGA. The frequency looks like this:

The adventure cartoons of 24 episodes, aimed at 6 11 year olds, will feature the video game’s renowned Light Blue in a explosive adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in his gloved hands. The adventure of Sonic that one more training course could save the universe, it is a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

While the Sober Creative Director Sonic Frontiers recently touted a groundbreaking experience that makes exploration a great part, could sony ericsson a sober multiverse notion that a cartoon series is going to talk about have a connection to an upcoming video game iteration? We will have to wait for its broadcast to find out, scheduled exclusively on Netflix in 2022.