Sober new Designed for Xbox controllers announced to celebrate the spring


Microsoft likes to present sober new controllers to players as soon as an event arises and we saw it again today with two rather eccentric Sonic controllers. We must believe that the change of season has also inspired the Redmond firm which has just presented a selection of controllers in spring colors in cooperation with three brands: PowerA, OtterBox and 8BitDo.

Des Indicated controllers on the visual strategy, but also on the ergonomic program

Sober teams Designed for Xbox, free to adapt any external hardware Microsoft the Xbox ecosystem, have collaborated with PowerA, OtterBox and 8BitDo to create this sunny selection. The general shades under this selection are focused on pink tea, yellow tea, blue tea and pastel mauve tea, but this is also an opportunity to discover these manufacturers offer unusual innovations on Xbox controllers.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controllers for Xbox Collection A|S:

The five wired controllers offered by PowerA are fully mappable via the controls located at the 2nd of a controller, any second, and this even in full game mode. They also offer a sober touch to control the sound sober your mini to turn it up, lower it or cut it when your sober gaming headset is linked to the sober 3.5 mm jack port on your controller. The 3 meter cable will allow you not to particularly feel the constraints of movement and location. Here are the five designs and colorways explained in detail by PowerA:

  • Lavender Swirl – hypnotic, swirling psychedelic pleasure.
  • Cotton Candy Blue – a sugary sensation inspired by the sweetest of childhood treats.
  • Pink Lemonade – an icy and refreshing design to liven up all your gaming sessions.
  • Purple Camo – pastel purple meets camouflage.
  • Pastel Dream – soothing fades that turn even the most stressful session into a sweet symphony of playing prowess.

At this time, these controllers are only available for pre-order in the United States and California for the price of 39,52$ on the Microsoft S hop and at other retailers.

Simple OtterBox Simple Hold Controller Case for Xbox Collection Times Sober Controllers|S:

OtterBox is one of the market leaders cases for telephones and electronic equipment in the United States. Una brand has been exploiting its knowledge in Xbox controllers for some time with its Easy Grasp selection. This Simple Hold case protects your controller from bumps and drops while improving your grip with interchangeable rubber grips. For the spring Xbox selection, OtterBox offers a transparent glitter shell as well as four interchangeable purple and pink pads. These soft pads absorb perspiration and are easy to clean.

The OtterBox Simple Grasp Lilac Fantasy case is available today at a low price 39,99$ on at Microsoft Shop in the United States/Canada and at other selected retailers worldwide.

8BitDo Best Wired Controller for Xbox

Finally, it is the manufacturer 8BitDo which offers its Best Xbox flower pastel controller as part of the Xbox spring selection. This wired controller offers many possibilities thanks to its two fully mappable rear buttons. You can also customize the sensitivity of the sticks, triggers or vibrations. Like the Xbox Elite Collection 2 controller, you’ll be able to create multiple interchangeable control profiles based on your favorite game types. A headset control button on the controller also allows you to mute with a single gesture without taking your hands off the controller.

8BitDo offers its Xbox controller went up by pastel for 52,37$ on the Microsoft Shop website and at other select retailers around the world.

sober consoles. Certain innovations not available on classic Xbox controllers bring real added value to these models designed by external creators and validated by the Designed for Xbox teams. Be that as it may, the prices offered by this selection are not prohibitive and the models are worth a look.