Humanoid Studios (Casey Hudson) unveils idea arts atmosphere Bulk Impact


The news is going well at the beginning of the week of March and today Casey Hudson is back in the spotlight. The Mass Impact veteran launched his new project called Humanoid Studios in June 2021 to work on an unreleased IP. On the occasion of the official launch of the studio’s website, Casey Hudson and his teams shared new data on their first game project.

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A cross-platform AAA understated sci-fi is in the pipeline

Casey Hudson is a sober industry veteran who cut his teeth in sober BioWare. He was one of the pillars of the Mass Impact fable, but also brought his guidance and ideas to the development of Superstar Wars: Knights of the Aged Republic. After leaving his position as Common Supervisor at BioWare, Hudson did not take his leave, however, since he announced the launch of his own studio in Europe last summer: Humanoid Studios.

The studio had already mentioned the development of an unpublished IP and we now have sober news about this project while the official web site of the studio has just been launched. The teams are working on a cross-platform, story-driven, character-driven AAA game in an all-new sci-fi universe. Humanoid Studios seeks to provide interactive entertainment, involving engaging worlds, characters and stories, and using innovative tools and technology to unlock magical interactivity.

The first visuals shared on the official website will certainly remind those sober Mass Impact or sober Starfield. Sober meanwhile, the data remains meager and the project is just getting started since the studio is still looking for many talents to complete its development teams, both technical and writing. Savor these first pictures and arm yourself with patience, as Casey Hudson’s top game shouldn’t be in sight for some time.