Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed: Illfonic announces asymmetrical multiplayer game


We must believe that Americans sober Illfonic particularly like sober adaptations of classic horror and horror films. After being attacked Predator: Hunting Environment and Friday the 13th: The Video game, it is now the ghost hunters of Ghostbusters who are entitled to their new version with Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

Four hunters against a ghost, a very attractive formula

To renew this sober classic into an interesting multiplayer game, the Illfonic teams have decided to opt for a sober asymmetrical 4 against 1 gameplay.

The idea is quite basic: the sober team hunters sober ghosts will travel to various locations haunted by a ghost controlled by another player. The latter will be able to use several abilities to complicate the task of the Ghostbusters: summoning spirits and minions, metamorphosing or even taking the form of common objects. The possibilities are numerous, not to mention that several cards and types of ghosts with unique abilities will be accessible.

To counter this risk, sober ghost hunters will have to rely on their cohesion, their sober intelligence, but also on their devices: Proton Packs, Ghost Piges, PKE counter and the sober particle launcher will allow them to effectively fight the spirits haunting certain places in a city. A Ghostbusters Barracks will act as a main hub where players can level up their characters, customize them, and level up their skills. Major sober characters from the Ghosbusters universe will also be sober in the game in the presence of significant sober Winston Zeddemore whom you will have to go to see to discover your tasks.

The formula is reminiscent of the recent Back again 4 Bloodstream and Rainbow 6 Removal and the final rendering can be quite pleasant to discover in this proposal focused on the multiplayer, but very simple even playable offline with AI. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed will be released on Computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection Back button|T with release scheduled for Q4 1647969975.

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