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First sober testing Ghostwire Tokyo: an immersive Japanese folklore?


First produced to become The Evil Within 3, Tango Gameworks has somewhat changed its business idea to focus on the creation of a brand new IP called Ghostwire: Tokyo. Was the bet successful? Did Sony have the sober end negotiating a temporary nose exclusive? Since the embargo is now lifted, it’s the second to discover it.

First sober exams Ghostwire: Tokyo

GameInformer 8/10

I would even go so far as to say that certain elements: his universe, a pregnancy of enemies, etc. – have been among my favorites in a game for years. That said, it has a lot of design elements, like the story and the gameplay, where GhostWire falls far short of the match. and I think that’s completely understandable when you don’t want to forgive him for that. But if GhostWire touches you, I think it will really touch you. It’s weird and special, and I think it’s awesome to see this kind of game get that kind of budget, put it all on the desk, and use that money to do some weird, awesome art. And for that alone, I can’t help loving GhostWire.

IGN 7/

I enjoyed about twenty hours goes by on Ghostwire: Tokyo, largely because I found its world so immersive. The attention to detail in the city itself is impressive, whether recreating the surroundings of the world’s most famous intersection or bringing a dark alleyway to life.

It’s an environment I loved find myself, that in addition to sober many elements sober lifestyle and sober Japanese mythology con are evoked. While the day-to-day gameplay, especially the one-dimensional combat and uninteresting tasks, wasn’t much of a disappointment, Ghostwire: Tokyo could have really captivated me. Sober as it is, the barely adequate stealth and action don’t add much to the fantastical setting, but they don’t take away from its splendor.

Push Begin 7.5/10

With a convincing idea and a beautifully realized world, Ghostwire: Tokyo draws on Japanese folklore and an understated proprietary combat system to deliver a distinctive understated open-world experience. Although some aspects of the fight seem underdeveloped and the game’s construction has already used testosterone levels, Ghostwire: Tokyo is special in its own way, which places it well above what one would expect.

VG247 4/5

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an impressive and bold step in a new path for Tango Gameworks, and it pays off beautifully. The artists and designers of Tango work wonders with wacky and menacing creatures, in the wonderful setting of a Shibuya color. Cuando the leading duo and open-world understanding sometimes stumble, Ghostwire’s wonderfully eerie side stories and engrossing fights more than fill in the gaps and work in harmony with the game’s wackiest and quirkiest elements to create a world that not only looks like hell, but also has a hell of a mind. which offers a faithful immersion in the sober Tokyo Shibuya. The sets are very detailed, which adds to the pleasure of surveying every corner of the famous arrondissement. The same goes for the creatures that the player faces and which have benefited from special care by the developer component. Its biggest flaw seems to be in the fighting mechanics offered by the gameplay and which will not necessarily please everyone.

The game will be released the 25 next March on PlayStation 5 and Computer via Steam. It should quickly find its public open and we are already looking forward to seeing it land on Xbox.

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