Cyberpunk 2077 update: the complete patch notice sober French (gameplay, quests…)


While Compact disc Project RED has just announced that a new game The Witcher was under development under the Not real Motor 5 engine, the facilities today presents the sober content with a new Cyberpunk Sober Update 2077.

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A new update for Cyberpunk 2077

If the title is finally playable in sober good situations on new generation console games, there are still a few issues to resolve. Update 1.52 should notably correct several sober gameplay issues, animations and UI.

Question-related issues Auto Like, Blistering Like

, Epistrophy

, With the Little Assist from My Friends


The Trip,

Route of Wonder

, Living During Wartime

and We Fought the Legislation are for example resolved.

This update should be available on all platforms very soon. You will find below the complete take note spot in French.


  • Modified a pest that could cause sober crashed cars or multiple sober nomadic vehicles to spawn in a blood flow when driving fast.
  • Changed an insect where the first gear computer animation could display sober repeatedly after picking up a sober throwing knife.

    The Sober Journalist Shielding Bulletproof Vest can now be looted as Japantown loot.

  • Modification of a pest o the sober pomegranate recognizes aissance displayed sober highlighting of non-hostile NPCs.

  • Changed an insect that reversed the sober camera axis when moving forward after using the Sober Control Grab quick hack on a device.


  • Quests

    You can no longer buy back an apartment renovation that you already have

    Addition of a connection with the shower in the nomads campsite.

  • It is now more likely to hack the Northside Apartment before completing Act 1.
  • Modification of a pest where sober fight events and certain scenes sober open world could remain disabled after sober Afterlife discovery as long as you did not perform sober re something fast Watson.

  • Auto Like – Sony ericsson hit a wall in the Mgabuilding elevator They would8 nentrane plus instant death.
  • Blistering Like – Changed a bug where Johnny could disappear if you left the cabin before interacting with the projector, which blocked the development.

    Cyberpsycho spotted: Demons sober the war – Modified a pest where it was difficult sober to progress beyond the sober objective Search the area to gather data..

  • Epistrophy – Modification of a insect where the quest could reappear in the record instead of being marked as failed when you failed to pick up one of the taxis.

    We Fought The Regulation – Changed a pest where Lake could drive sober erratically to exit the drive area and push Sixth is v out of bounds on the map.

  • Lifetime During Wartime – Editing an insect where choosing two sober blue chat options arriving on the crash site was blocking development.
  • Route of Beauty – The optional Dress up objective. can now be completed even if you collected the clothes before he spawns.

  • The intelligence – Changed a pest where the Lizzies doors were closed at times when they were supposed to be open, which blocked development.
  • The appointment – You – Modification of an insect o Dex drove sober zigzagging to the second sober to leave.

  • With a Small Assist from My Friends – Changed a pest where holocalls and text messages could be blocked if you had talked about the sober program Panam Saul necklace that the nomads were leaving.
  • Open World

  • Changed a bug where summoned vehicles could spawn away from the player.
  • Suicidal corps in Corpo Plaza no longer get back up after they fall.

  • Tweaked a pest where a Sober Assault in Arroyo was not visible on the map, which was preventing the Una Rainforest achievement from developing.
  • Contract: Farewell, Evening Town – Changing an insect where to arrive in the area did not trigger the quest.
  • Contract: Too good for them – Modified a pest or the optional objective Park the car of Iris in the garage area. could not be completed if you stopped in front of the garage area.

  • Contract: Bad Loser – Modified a bug where all enemies inside the online casino remained friendly.
  • Black Guy: The Challenge – Editing a pest where the Rayfield Caliburn did not appear.

    User interface

  • Added a quest indicator for fixing rewards when first found in the hideout.

      Opening the options with the address of a shard will no longer block the game.

    • It is not more likely to change the place of the necklace marker as you pass the temperatures.
      • Changing a insect where the sober loot interface could flicker and change before you picked up the item.
      • Tweaked a bug where the name on The Favor for a Buddy quest could be incorrectly displayed on the location of the name on certain tracked quests.


      Modification of missing or displaced animations and objects in certain scenes.

    • Sober modification of various animation pests linked to aerial neutralizations with the Hidden Dragon advantage.
    • Changed bug where sober sandstorms could spawn in scenes where they weren’t supposed to tre.

    • Changed a pest where foliage was not influenced by mt issues orological.
    • The sober sport sober polycarbonate sunglasses are no longer visible when passing between third person and first person views while driving.
    • 1647962254

      Adjustments specific to gaming systems

        Low memory improvements and low crash modification on next-gen units.

      • Minor interface optimizations.
      • Importing a save without being connected to the PlayStation System will no longer block the option to continue the game sober.
      • Changed a bug where a corrupted save was created when the player tried to import a PlayStation 4 save when no save was exported.
      • [PlaySation] Editing a screen pressure Pressing [touche Options] to continue saved the pressure under the key with a delay.

      • Wet ways now display as sober reflections as on the Computer edition.
      • [PlaySation 5/Xbox Series X] Changing the predefined settings in the video settings no longer sets all low graphics options to YES automatically.
      • [Xbox One/Xbox Series X] Disconnecting the controller and opening the Temporary stop menu at the same time will no longer block the player.

      • Specific Adjustments Search engines STADIA

          Added aggressive mobs to Stadia.