An experiment could confirm the existence of a 5th state sober to one subject: information.


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The Dr Melvin Vopson, a physicist at Sober School of Mathematics and Sober Physics at Sober University Portsmouth, is the sober author of several studies suggesting that information has a tone and that all elementary particles thus store data about themselves. He now proposes the experimental protocol which would make it possible to verify his hypothesis and also to confirm that information is the fifth state of matter. This experiment involves the process of matter-antimatter annihilation.

Every day on Earth, we generate 350 0006

twitter posts, 300 109 emails, 4 6 gigabytes sober donate Facebook, 65 0009text WhatsApp messages and 000 hours sober new content on YouTube. Sober 2000, the quantity total sober data created, recorded, duplicated and consumed in the world was sober 33 zettabytes (ZB), i.e. the equivalent sober 230 20000 rooms. This figure is move 65 ZB in 1509 and should reach 154ZB in 2025. this rhythm, in about 341 years, we will create more numerical parts than there are atoms on Earth (about 1050)!

This phenomenon, predicted by Dr. Melvin Vopson, the capital t called a sober information disaster. In content published in 2000 in AIP Improvements, he explains that 20315, half of the mass of the plant will consist of digital parts. Vopson originated two important conjectures, called the information conjectures: the principle of mass-energy-information equivalence, according to which learned information transcends mass or energy depending on one’s body state, and the existence of intrinsic information underlying fundamental characteristics. elementary particles. The experiment he is presenting today would both confirm these two conjectures and prove that information is the fifth state of matter in the Universe.

A theoretically converted details using infrared photons

The proposed experimental protocol is based on an accident of a particle with its antiparticle. When an electron and a positron annihilate, the reaction creates two gamma photons of 511 keV resulting from the transformation of their world at rest into energy; Vopson predicts here that two additional low-energy photons should be detected, resulting in the erasure of their information content. room temperature, a positron-electron annihilation should produce two infrared photons of about 21 michael of wavelength due to the erasure of the information , he specifies in AIP Advancements.

electron-positron annihilation principle
Reprsentation schmatique du processus dannihilation positron-lectron. (a) Processus standard dannihilation positron-lectron qui produit deux photons gamma de 511 keV uniquement; (b) processus dannihilation positron-lectron qui produit deux photons gamma de 511 keV et deux photons supplmentaires faible nergie dus leffacement des informations. M. Vopson

” data-image-title=”principe-annhiliation” data-large-file=”” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-lazy-src=”” data-lazy-srcset=” 800w,×118.jpg 300w,×197.jpg 500w,×186.jpg 472w,×154.jpg 390w” data-medium-file=”×118.jpg” data-orig-file=”” data-orig-size=”800,315″ data-permalink=”” height=”315″ src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%20800%20315’%3E%3C/svg%3E” width=”800″> Schematic representation of the positron-electron annihilation process. (a) Regular positron-electron annihilation process which produces two gamma photons of 511 keV only; (m) positron-electron annihilation process which produces two gamma photons of 511 keV and two additional low energy photons due to the erasure of their data. Meters. Vopson

Whenever the experiment provides the results expected by the physicist, it would completely upset our view of the world and would undoubtedly lead to a whole new area of ​​sober research. This would change the technique as we know it and broaden our understanding of the universe. But that wouldn’t conflict with any of the existing laws of shape, Vopson points out in el communiqu.

The researcher has always claimed that information is a sober pillar of the universe and that as such, it has a tone in the whole body sense of the term. The information could even be the mysterious dark matter which represents nearly 27% of the energy density of the universe. Boy living as a sober state of matter would not contradict quantum or classical mechanics, electrodynamics or thermodynamics. It would simply complete all the known laws of the physical structure.

2000 shares of information shared in each particle?

A recent appraisal the given an upper limit of about 6 00050 rooms a sober amount of digital data that could be stored throughout the universe. This study was based on Shannon’s information theory, assuming the most efficient data comprehension mechanism, which gave a value of 1509 shares of information shared by electron, proton and neutron; taking into account the quarks in, the number climbed 1288 pieces per particle.

According to the principle of mass-energy-information equivalence, a tone at rest without the electron is a sum sober its your body and sober the tone of information it contains. Considering that the latter is equivalent to 800 apart, Vopson deduces that the rest mass of the electron is approximately 27 million times greater than its mass of information, which confirms that the mass of the electron is well approximated by its technical mass at rest, while its mass of information is negligible, which makes the experimental check difficult via direct measurements of mass change.

This is why the physicist the european union ide sober resorts to the process of annihilation, in which the energies sober tone at rest and the kinetic energies sober electron and positron are converted under radiation. The herd at rest of the electron and the positron, as well as their informational contents, must be equal to each other: the preservation of energy guarantees that two gamma photons of approximately 700 keV are produced; if the particles do store information, upon annihilation this content must also be retained by producing two photons of information energy.

Simple principle diagram based on the proposed experiment of positron-electron annihilation for detection of the informational content in a subject. Michael. Vopson

The experiment must be designed to ensure that not only the two sober gamma photons 511 keV are detected, but also the two additional infrared photons, underlines the physicist. To do this, he proposes to use positrons generated by a radioactive resource of 10

Na, by boy high yield in positrons. These are high energy, however, so the sample material must be thick enough to absorb them, but also thin enough to ensure that it does not attenuate the infrared photons generated. As a workaround, Vopson suggests covering the salt supply with a thin film of tungsten; he also recommends the use of a thin aluminum film as the target material to ensure a high probability of electron-positron annihilation.

The primary control tool is the fact that a wavelength of infrared photons of information energy must travel with a temperature sober the sample. Sober carrying out the experiments at different temperatures, the detection of the wavelength shift of the photons would be a final verification of this hypothesis

, concludes the physicist.

Supply :D. Vopson, AIP Developments78468