Unity unveils a method demo of engine boy, bluffing sober realism


There are many engines that are used to develop video games, but you probably already know two. Not real Motor and Unity sony ericsson are in fact competing for the first two areas of divisional engines, and it is the latter that is making headlines today with a stunning new method demo.

After A fantasy Engine , Unity presents its own edition of realistic humans

kid engine Not real Engine with a demo method called MetaHuman. The stated objective was to show opinion the engine was able to create realistic humans in video games and other series or movies. child simple bottom engine realistic demos each more impressive than the next. Another method demo on Xbox Collection X was presented last summer and it’s up to Unity’s visit to show what the able boy engine is today.

Enemies: a new stunning method demo

The demo is called Enemies and introduces us to a Unity platform has the power and capabilities to create low-end, visually appealing high-end content. A video is stunning and reminds us that the temperamental tools of developers make it possible to create realistic digital humans. graphics processor of the Computer/gaming console) to allow sober high density meshes (for example for the duvet). Eye rendering and skin detail have also been improved, and the developers also say they have simulated a tension system for blood flow and tripping simulation, eliminating the need for a dedicated face rig for fine detail.

This which is also striking in the sober rendering of a sober cinematic video temperature ranges real, it is a quality of the textures, but also of the sober rendering of a light. It comes here from SSGI (Display screen Space Worldwide Lighting) and Ray Tracing in real temperature on reflections, but also on ambient occlusion. NVIDIA’s DLSS (Heavy Learning Nice Sample) technology is also used to display a rendering in 4K, although this is not the native resolution of the demo. This method makes it possible to save significant resources, when in addition to sober very greedy scenes such as the one presented here.

Finally, a new solution has been developed for the rendering of hair, quite simply baptized Hate. Demonstrated in this new tech demo, it handles the creation, import, simulation and rendering of highlight-based hair. It works with all authoring tools that generate data in Alembic format. In Enemies, the team used Maya XGen and Weta Barbershop.

This Enemies tech demo will be presented at the Game Developers Conference this week at the Unity booth and attendees will be able to see it running in the engine editor. The availability for developers of the new Hair solution as well as the last optimizations for digital humans is planned for the second quarter 560. As for knowing when we will have this type of rendering in games, that’s another story.