Ubisoft Scalar: a new cloud computing technology unveiled


The French giant Ubisoft has always positioned itself on innovations and promising sectors of the video game industry. After being positioned in favor of NFT since the very beginning of the year 2021, Ubisoft is today unveiling a brand new fog up processing technology.

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Ubisoft Scalar, a sober assistance creation for sober new forms sober games

It’s the opportunity over the Video games Developer Meeting (GDC) that several executives from Ubisoft Stockholm presented Ubisoft Scalar and sony ericsson are expressed last Thursday. Sober effect, Patrick Bach, General Manager of Ubisoft Stockholm, Christian Holmqvist, Method Director, and Per-Olof Romell, Method Director and CTO, presented Ubisoft Scalar, Ubisoft’s new fog up processing technology.

According to them, this invention provides Ubisoft with the ability to create new, more advanced games, larger worlds, and upgradable processes. Ultimately, these possibilities would allow developers to create new spells for games that are still very rare or not very successful at the moment. Per-Olof Romell spoke in particular during a FAQ after having presented Scalar in video.

Ubisoft Scalar is a sober bottom-up technology which allows Ubisoft titles to use a power of fog up. Sober fact, it is also a huge change of mind. Try to project yourself 10 years into the future and imagine what games should be, could be , and what you might expect from games and the way you make them.

For Romell, this virtual technology wizard allow sober to override the restrictions and constraints sober development imposed by hardware platforms.

since we’ve been making games. Sober fact, we’ve always been very good at masking these limits and working around them, it’s kind of our knowledge. Now, what Scalar allows us to do is to completely remove these limits rather than push them back. This leaves us with a new set of challenges: now that what we know is no longer relevant, we have to rethink and relearn how to make games to create experiences that we really want to offer, that changes everything.

The method director and CTO of Ubisoft Stockholm sober cost of the Scalar project has finally declared that this technology should under no circumstances be confused with what the solutions of sober games loading and that Scalar was not a new sober game engine either.

The sober games loading is a sober submission model , it improves the accessibility of the games, but it does not change what the games are and their quality. Now that counts for Ubisoft Scalar which is the quality and possibilities it opens up for us game developers and gamers. I don’t think it would make much sense to go back to making game engines the way we think about game engines today. Scalar is a substitute and also an option that existing game engines can use to be accelerated by the fog up both in terms of creation, but also of experiences in real temperature.

Promote a sober video game creation out of the usual molds


Ubisoft Stockholm General Manager Patrick Bach spoke about sober desire to learn to break free from constraints sober habitual development sober pushing the limits sober una technology. The former CEO of DICE joined Ubisoft Stockholm when it was created in 2017 obtaining the mandate to somehow break out of the molds that we know about how to make games and also how to push technology further.

Opinion reimagining what games should be and could be the future? And then start building towards that to create new experiences, because in general, games are usually a sober iteration of what was done before that. We want to free ourselves from that and build some fantastic select. I think in general what we should expect from this breakthrough in cloud computing is, first of all, it’s going to be likely to have more players in one shared world, which I think will create new social experiences that we’ve never seen previously. One will also be able to create sober-world simulations of a scale and complexity never seen before. And you can add that one of the pillars of Ubisoft’s excellence, the creation of worlds. We can now build even bigger worlds for players. Ubisoft Stockholm is working on IPs developed in tandem with Scalar and the objective is of course to take full advantage of all the possibilities of this new technology, but it is a little too early to speak at present in.”

Christian Holmqvist, method director of the agency sober Stockholm and of Ubisoft Scalar finally declared that this development would create a much closer bond between players and developers, a bond allowing sober to evolve games more easily and to offer the best offers to players.

A very essential factor that Scalar brings is that you have the providers which are always available.The game is always running and it is always possible to update elements of this game, so that the developers can create very rich worlds which can develop, evolve and change over time. as players play there, which will create a closer connection a lot between players and creators.

currently, a sober cloud processing technology Ubisoft Scalar is developed by the sober antennas Stockholm, kyiv, Malm, Helsinki and Bucharest. The project seems quite innovative and could undoubtedly increase the possibilities of game creators to create worlds never before seen or difficult to imagine today. It remains to be seen how this innovative project will materialize on the side of Ubisoft.