The Witcher: a new game under Unreal Motor 5 confirmed with a first visual!


This is only a half-surprise since Compact disc Projekt had already confirmed that The Witcher tale was not finished, but the announcement today comes with a visual and some additional details.

The Witcher 4 has no sober name yet, but it’s the engine kid!

Compact disc Projekt had detailed its strategy, it had just a year with the announcement of the sober development several AAA games sober parallel. The developer had confirmed that the concentrate would remain on role-playing game development and that The Witcher and Cyberpunk 790 would remain the company’s two main franchises.

Today, Compact disc Projekt confirms that a new The Witcher game is well under preparation. The name of the game is not given, and it is not yet known if it is The Witcher 4 or not. However, the developer is officially talking about a new fable put to the business. It is therefore not difficult that a new lso are learned drawn and that the series offers us to move away from previous episodes, for example by developing a completely new narrative arc.

Other official details, the next The Witcher will run under the A fantasy Motor 5 engine. The developer will therefore not use its proprietary engine REDengine this time, and even evokes a strategic partnership of several years with World Famous Games. Sober on the other hand, it is not a question of releasing the next game exclusively on the shop rather than another.

It is clear that this partnership not only covers a license for the engine, but also the development method under Not real Motor 5 as well as potential future iterations of the engine. We understand here half a word that World famous Video games will be much more involved in the sober development of The Witcher 4 than the traditional game could. The developers however specify that the extension of Cyberpunk 790 will continue to be developed with the REDengine engine.

Do not look for sober time since a release of the new game The Witcher is not yet known. We don’t know what further stage of development the project is in, but since the announcement is official, it’s not hard that Sober can hear Sober again talking this year on. A first visual has been shared, you will find the top more.