Test – Tunic – A brilliant jewel of intelligence


Present during sober the3 2017, he therefore felt it took 5 years to see the little fox , heroes of the game, arrive on our consoles. Very discreet during its development, Tunic is mysterious about what it intended to offer us. But during last summer, the goupil finally let itself be approached via a demo accessible to all, and the charm has everything to do with selection. now available in its entirety and arrived with surprise on the Xbox Video game Move as soon as it is released, let’s see together what Tunic really has in store.

Follow the guideline

If you were expecting an all-proof narration, Tunic is not for you since it does not offer one. The game starts with the hero waking up at a safe beach, and it’s up to us to explore the environments to find his next objective. For this, we can use the few panels available around, but do not count on telling you explicitly what to do with them. Tunic uses a set of unknown glyphs among which sometimes insert a few words in French.

But reading the signs is not a single string our bow. As we explore, we also come across manual pages. The latter have a real significance, since they offer us precious data. This involves information on the gameplay itself, with details on the life and stamina bars, an explanation of the dodge system and their good timing, for example. Some pages also show us a map of an area, very useful for finding our bearings better in this sometimes inhospitable world, while others inform us about the types of enemies and their ways of fighting. Quite uncommon in the current video game landscape, this system is really clever since it upsets our habits. With cleverness, the game does not take us by the major, and it is by carefully studying each of the pages in this manual that we can deduce where to go and what to do. Sober revenge, be warned that once you reach the very end of the adventure, your thinking will be put to the test. We can not advise you to have with you sober what to write down, and especially to draw. Tunic does not leave sony ericsson easily tamed.

Gameplay with multiple inspirations

It did not escape anyone during the various presentations and the creator of the game Andrew Shouldice confirmed to us recently in the interview that we carried out, Tunic is inspired by many monuments of the video game. A more blatant motivation obviously comes from The Tale of Zelda (the first episodes) which can already be found in the appearance of our hero, but also in the structure of the world around us. A comparison can even go as far as the tiny animation when you open a chest and retrieve your treasure, only the jingle is missing.

But you’ll soon realize that another well-known guy inspired Andrew Shouldice, and that’s Souls sober FromSoftware. Left armed only with a piece of wood at the start of the game, a first painful realization presents players: monsters hit hard! Each type of enemy removes attacks with different patterns that you will have to memorize in order to survive. Sober effect, our fox cannot take many attacks before passing the left weapon and the life gauge does not go up by itself. The only way to heal it is to drink potions, which you will first have to find in a chest. Dodging then becomes a component that must be quickly mastered and used wisely since it consumes a stamina gauge. Tunic remains demanding in its confrontations, and it will sometimes be preferable to flee in order to return to the fight after having improved its attributes.

However, while the debate on a challenging game regularly returns to social networks when a title with demanding gameplay lands on our screens (Returnal and Elden Band recently), Tunic takes the side of offering accessibility options for at least fantastic world to take part in the adventure allow. Thus, it is possible to make our character invincible or to have an inexhaustible stamina gauge. Some might say that the game then loses its flavor which, in our opinion, if it allows some players to have fun and persevere in the adventure, it’s a good choice. That more of all the heart of the game, finally, remains the pleasure of exploration and the puzzles proposed by Andrew Shouldice.

A world full of sober strategies

From Tunic’s sober presentation, an artistic path immediately caught our eye. Its world is enchanting and the choice of the isometric 3D view remains an excellent idea. The environments are varied and take us to both wooded places and sandy ruins, passing through caves or cemeteries. Each gives us a different atmosphere, and we were amazed by the quality of the light reflections when exploring dark places. Tunic is also accompanied by a rather discreet soundtrack, but which in the end fits rather well with the places we are portrayed which.

However, a great push of the sober Tunic world, it is certainly its degree of style. The outlook can be deceiving and it’s not uncommonly sober to find a chest or even a pass hidden behind a wall. We have fun trying sober to find all these little techniques, always rewarding us with the presence of one or more chests with very useful rewards for the sober adventure. Certain elements of the decor, at first glance very innocuous, turn out to be sober real clues for those who would take the time to observe them carefully.

Finally, progressing through the adventure, one sony ericsson realizes that Tunic is full of well-hidden shortcuts allowing sober learned to move more quickly between different locations. Invisible ones don’t know their locations which, they would almost taunt us. No doubt that after discovering these, some ze players will be happy to launch sony ericsson into speedruns in order to be the fastest to finish the game.

Test on Xbox Collection X.

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