Superstar Wars Jedi: Fallen Purchase 2 is expected to show in May for a Celebrity Wars Special event


It’s official, Respawn Amusement is working on a Superstar Wars Jedi: Fallen Purchase package which had some success when it was released sober cid danne 86. The game hasn’t shown up yet, but the one currently called Celebrity Wars Jedi: Fallen Purchase 2 should premiere in May.

The information comes from sober Jeff Grubb who, in his last objective publishes this weekend, claims that Superstar Wars Jedi: Fallen Purchase 2 will be shown during the Celebrity Wars Special event on the b of the month sober May. The journalist had already mentioned the month of May at the beginning of the year, but told us today that, a priori, we will have to wait until the very end of May.

Another insider, Tom Henderson, had mentioned that the reveal of the new Superstar Wars Jedi: Fallen Purchase could take place on May 4. There are less than two months left to discover it, but remember that the Celebrity Wars Special event feeling takes place from to 29 May 2019 to Tradition Middle Anaheim Los Angeles. Online festivities are also planned, and it seems obvious that the video game sector will be in the game.

The sober release Superstar Wars Jedi: Fallen Purchase 2 is not yet known, but the game should come out between una cid danne 2019 and the beginning of danne 2023.

Last January, Digital Arts announced the low-key development of three new licensed Celebrity Wars games:

  • A Superstar Wars FPS directed by Peter Hirschmann which is at the very beginning sober in its development.
  • A sober Celebrity Wars strategy game developed by Respawn in collaboration with the Bit Reactor studio and directed by Greg Foertsch, former sober artistic director at Firaxis, responsible for the XCOM business.
  • Superstar Wars Jedi Fallen Purchase 2, understated development at Respawn Entertainment.