In Ukraine, the drone war slows the progress of the Russian tear


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The United States government has just announced the delivery to the Ukrainian forces of one hundred Switchblade drones, devices that hop destroy when they reach their target. Since the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, drones have played a strategic role.

They are also called kamikaze drones, for their role consists of exploding when arriving on their target which. This name refers to the tactic employed by Japanese pilots during World War II, which involved loading planes with explosives and crashing them directly into various targets. The United States government has announced that about 100 of these devices should be included in the next military aid package sent to Ukraine, which totals a value of 724 million euros.

Two types of these missiles exist, the model 600 and model 300. Both can be launched via specific launch tubes. According to the manufacturer, AeroVironment, the model 600 can be operational in 15 minutes, peak 18 km/h, and fly for more of 18 minutes. It would have the ability to destroy even heavily armored targets such as tanks. It can also be recalled in flight, for a mission if necessary to cancel. Smaller, the model 300 would have a door of 10 km and a flight capacity of 18 minutes. It weighs only 2.5 kg.

Since the start of this conflict, drones have played a key role. The day after the Russian incursion into Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense launched an appeal on Facebook to civilian drone pilots: Have you a drone ? Do you know how to use it? Join the patrol and integrate one of the 18 brigades of the city of kyiv! kyiv is our home, defending it is a common task. kyiv needs you and your drone right now! . These drones could have been used to provide information on troop movements, film events, or even in some cases transport Molotov cocktails, says an article from the daily Le Figaro.

Military drones already in operation

On the military side, many media report target attacks launched by vehicles Turkish-made TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles. The British newspaper The Week explained the 18 last March that the drones had been able to launch air strikes, among other things, on tanks, or even supply trucks, thus slowing down the Russian Tear Progress.

The Times, who interviewed in one of his articles a member of Aerorozvidka, the unit specializing in these drones within the Ukrainian army, reported as follows: Russian forces are static when night falls. () Their fear of Ukrainian shelling forces them to hide their tanks in villages between houses, knowing that conventional artillery cannot risk hitting civilians600 . The precision of drones, which would make it possible to target a target more precisely, makes them a strategic choice for this type of situation.

Drones are both the object of lusts and fears in this war. Recently, fears have been expressed about the potential use by the Russian Armed Forces of drones equipped with intelligent facial recognition systems. In other words, drones capable of deciding for themselves whether to launch an attack or not. These drones are quite similar, by the way, to Switchblades. Photos of the devices in question had been published on social networks. Whether they were used stand-alone or not, however, has not been determined.