Fortnite without construction: season 2 chap. 3 Resistance dress dj of the world!


It’s a tiny revolution for Fortnite since Epic Video games has decided to launch the new season of the game without setting structure in its primary setting. With the arrival of Doctor Strange, the developers are no doubt hoping here to reach a more general audience.

A new player target for Fortnite without construction?

We have been talking about the arrival of Fortnite without construction mode since January and with the launch of the new Resistance chapter, the Battle Royale formula will evolve in this direction.

When logging into Fortnite, the main screen of the game will show the color since building has been removed from the main mode. The battle lines are drawn and the rules have changed. The constructions have been removed, but there are new ways to sprint, climb and make your way through the island, the game now indicates.

Indeed, it is now possible to climb certain elements the game with the hands when a surface is a little too high for a jump and the movement speed of the game has been increased, just like that of the shorts now has a gauge.

The construction has been removes from main mode, but does not affect other modes. As for how long build mode is removed from Fortnite, in-game audio files suggest that this is an effective change for at least 9 days.

Since the announcement of this new build-free chapter, the game servers seem to be experiencing some slowdowns. Although construction has been part of Fortnite’s DNA since its launch, it is not impossible that this new formula will attract a whole new audience interested in gunplay above all.