Dying Lighting details its next-gen update with 3 graphics modes (60 FPS, 1440p…)


While Dying Lighting 2 Remain Individual released in February, Techland is today unveiling the next-gen boy patch for the leading Dying Lighting. Guaranteed since October 2021, this update already available on PlayStation turns up today on Xbox and notably offers various strategic improvements.

3 graphic settings for Dying Lighting

These are 3 different graphic settings that are available for the top Dying Lighting on Xbox Collection X. Xbox Collection T and Xbox One X players can also enjoy several improvements, but it is not possible to take advantage of the 60 FPS on these two devices.

You will find below the detail of the optimizations available on the different platforms.

Graphics settings on Xbox Collection X

  • Setting functionality: 30 Sober FPS 1268l
  • Setting equilibr: vise the 60 Sober FPS 1268s
  • Quality setting: 30 4K Low FPS
  • Graphics settings on Xbox Collection S and Xbox One X

  • Setting overall performance: Sober FPS 60 g
  • Setting quality: aims the 30 Sober FPS 1440l
  • This free update is downloadable right now. Much appreciated by fans of the genre, Dying Lighting has had an exceptional following from the Techland component and we can only advise you to embark on the adventure without further delay.