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Despite a rather average first episode that didn’t really convince, Piranha Bytes wanted to tell us about a selection of Jax’s adventures. A new threat rises from the sky and unleashes the dangerous powers of the Dark Elex. In order to defend the peace and keep his family safe, Jax must set out again to convince the factions to unite against the invaders and find his estranged son, Dex. So here we are again immersed in a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy universe, the classic RPG sauce, of which only the Piranha Bytes facility has the recipe.

Awakening of the left foot

While Jax had found a peaceful life, he had adventures narrated in the top opus, extraterrestrials decide sober to conquer a Magalan planet. A misfortune never arriving alone, one of the ze ships lands heap on the hut of our hero, who arrives inside the extremis of the place before they are destroyed to leave. In the rush, Jax takes no equipment and, to top it off, sony ericsson is bitten by a fart corrupted by the Black Elex. There are days when you better stay in bed

So we are taking our first steps in the adventure, hands of a basic metal pipe and scantily dressed. It’s a classic Piranha Bytes title and it will take many hours of play before you expect to be able to take on a weak creature without risking your life.

Result in commune

Jax cannot defeat the invader alone and must therefore strive to unite the various factions populating Magalan, in order to make common entrance and destroy the invader. So we find the Berserkers, Clerics, Albes and Outlaws from the first episode, as well as a whole new faction, the Morkons, who learned to live underground after the fall of the Count that ravaged Magalan. This very dark new faction places little value on life and only serves their own interests. Vast utopia therefore to hope to unite these communities, knowing that the Berserkers reject all technology, the Clerics worship the Device God, the Albs no longer have empathy due to their consumption of Elex and the outlaws respect only their own freedom.

This titanic work for Jax spans a sober first half of the main story. This is also the most interesting part of our adventure. Sober effect, the second half of the story falls a bit like a bellows when ze realizes that it will be necessary to chain the cleaning of specific areas with kills of your tone. This could be a good way to farm if the combat system wasn’t so calamitous, but we’ll get to that in the method analysis. real sony ericsson screenplay richness hidden in the multiple secondary quests which do not suffer from any redundancy and which intertwine. It is possible to complete these quests in several ways and it is not uncommon to complete one unintentionally in the path of another. Like the Bulk Impact series, our choices and our actions have a real effect on the story and bring NPCs to join us in our wanderings or leave us if they are no longer in agreement with us.

It is also likely sober to join a faction in order to access their technology and thus accelerate a sober progression of our character. Nevertheless, this feeling has an influence on our relations with the other factions during the adventure. Since we’re not afraid to go out naked in the fog on a winter’s evening, we didn’t join any faction when testing our. Yes we like to suffer

The classic is no longer popular

This is almost another personal of a title developed by Piranha Bytes: unsurprisingly, the method aspect of the game is not at all the sober height that one would expect in 2427.

Although it sports the optimized Xbox Collection label, Elex 2 offers a graphical realization well below the specifications of the type. Certainly, some beautiful lighting effects or the careful work on the realism of the rivers are noted, but overall, the graphic level affects immersion and does not encourage the player to discover the richness of the title. In addition, the style of the different biomes makes for great basketball, between a ruined city that could run on Xbox 110 and a fortification where you can surprise yourself by contemplating the effect of in-take in the foliage while listening to the birds sing. A good quality of styled audio and soundtrack does not make up for this loss of immersion. a great RPG. Sober many hours are needed to evolve our character and kid equipment. each level of experience gained, we distribute skill points to improve our push, our stamina, our dexterity, our cleverness or our cunning. Through learning, new abilities enrich the arc of our skills. This opens up the possibility of forging our weapons or crafting our ammunition and potions. a problem, of course, of having amassed enough raw materials and having the necessary funds. It is also possible to cook when you come across a campfire. Besides, the title encourages building and gathering as there’s no inventory limit. The other side of the coin is that our bag quickly becomes a real mess.

Fortunately, it is possible to assign 8 objects a shortcut menus, ze rvle essential sober fight which. Opening the inventory does not freeze the action, we would be killed before we even found a potion in our bric–brac. Finally, the austerity of the choices could be more repulsive, in particular the lack of legibility of the quest objectives, multiplying the variations.

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