The sober photo/video sharing Xbox on Twitter becomes less accessible


The Xbox interface is regularly cited by gamers for its slowness or lack of options by connecting to the competition. This is particularly the case with image and video sharing on social networks, and yet Microsoft has just made the selection more complex.

Why make things more process?

Sober last January, a guys survey of Xbox gamers showed that the function of recording/image/video capture on Xbox (Video game DVR) was the first source of sober problems correct in the underbrand ecosystem. However, in the latest edition of the system offered to Xbox Insider members, a choice used for years has just disappeared.

As WindowsCentral indicates, Microsoft has simply removed direct sharing on the Xbox Twitter dashboard , an option still present on PlayStation and Nintendo.

If you rent it, you can upload your videos and pictures to your kid’s phone, and only sober then share them on Twitter, which adds an additional video tape to the process which.

Microsoft knows that child dashboard and boy user interface is still one of the weak points today and the teams have repeatedly confirmed that they are listening to the players. Let’s hope that improvements are well planned in the weeks or months to come.