Elden Ring: secret passages found via ultra-resistant destructible walls


Released on 25 last February, Elden Ring has obviously not finished its secrets. While some players have already come to terms with the title, there are still obviously many things to discover in FromSoftware’s latest game. Among them, today several particularly resistant back passages have just been found.

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Ssame, open up

While destructible walls are frequent in the studio’s productions, for example to unlock new areas, here we are dealing more with passages serving as shortcuts.

On Twitter , several players report having found shortcuts, in particular one to Volcano Manor. On the other hand, you have to work hard to find it since the wall seems particularly resistant to our stabs.

apparently some fake walls in Elden Ring take multiple hits to reveal, and oh my god this changes everything

(clip from user teristam on r/eldenring) pic.twitter.com/Jt8MNUDY0j

Iron Pineapple (@IronPineapple_) March 18,

We notice that there is no destruction animation and that the wall reappears shortly after. This suggests that it may be passages were not supposed to be discovered which, serving only during the development of the game.

Remember that the title has recently offered a substantial update which corrects many Several balance adjustments. Elden Ring is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC.