Dolmen: the Souls-like sci-fi unveils its sober day video release


Souls-like have been on the rise lately and the sober success of Elden Band should certainly give ideas to other studios. Today, Substantial Work Facilities is once again making headlines by revealing the release date of Dolmen.

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Date Sober May

Described as a souls-like action-RPG, Dolmen offers dynamic fights against aliens. There are dozens of melee and ranged weapons that can be made with different materials and some horror game elements are also provided.

If you don’t know the title, this is a game that is sober capital t part financed via a Kickstarer launched sober 2019.

Dolmen will be available the 20 next May on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Computer as well as on Xbox Collection Back button|S and PS5. It is offered at the price of 39,99 on the Microsoft Shop, also removes a physical structure edition and supports the Smart Shipping program.

In Dolmen, you are sent to an aggressive world known as the alien Revion Perfect. Your goal? Bring back samples of a crystal with unique properties, the Dolmen. These crystals allow us to interact with different realities, thus revolutionizing space exploration and forever changing the world we know.