Xbox Sport Move quests: the guidebook for the week of March 14 with 95 points to win!


The new weekly quests for March just dropped; enough to stock up on factors put subscribers to Xbox Video game Move at the start of the year.

As we saw in our dedicated content, Microsoft has lowered the number of sober points for some quests and changed the earning conditions for others. For example, daily quests today only reward 3 points instead of 5.

This week, it’s sober again 95 factors that are winning.

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Xbox Sport Move: games, subscriptions and prices, the complete tutorial!

Weekly Xbox Video game Move quests from 15 to 22 March 2022

Complete 3 Daily Quests (+10 factors)

An explanation speaks for itself, complete four daily quests within a week to complete it.

Earn your way (+15factors)

To complete this quest, you have two options: unlock three achievements or play three different Sport Move games. We recommend the second method, which is quicker and more efficient; remember to keep these games installed, they will be used again if the sony ericsson quest presents a new one.

Crossfire Back button (+32 factors)

In order to succeed in this special quest for Xbox Video game Pass Best members, you only have to play the game.

Dishonored Definitive Release (+76 factors)

Here, you have to alert 3 enemies to win 50 Factors Benefits.