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Xbox Sport Move March 2022: a list of 18 games, including Tunic and Shredders


I buy almost more sober games on Xbox (mainly result in Video game Move) but that one, there was no hesitation, especially since it very quickly found itself sober promo 35/40 sober box. I couldn’t wait for a possible GP outing to play dumb.

I even recommended it to a friend, who bought it sober in December and came sober the end of it. He thought, like a lot of players, that it would be a stupid game in the line of the very mediocre Avengers, had to make him a fake bad club unfortunately which, while these two games have nothing in common, if not the Wonder universe. In the end, he had the same observation as me: a very nice game, a really best French version (it’s so uncommon), neither too much nor too short, almost no pest, even if he’s always stupid, but it was ridiculous compared a lot of other recent games, 60fps (but not native 4K it seems to me, I have a doubt)

In short, those who like good solitaire games: do not pass cot! He deserved more visibility. And once again, it’s not a JV website that made me want it, but a lambda Streamer. Square didn’t have to allocate a big marketing budget to this game and that’s a shame. On the other hand, they seem to have an offer with Microsoft and boy Gamepass

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