Xbox Series X|S stocks: alerts and stock status in March 2022


Where to find an Xbox Series X today? How to be alerted of console stocks with Xboxygen? How does it work in store or on the Internet? Here we answer your questions to help you find your new Xbox.

This article is regularly updated with the information we have. on stock Xbox Series X.

      Enable Xbox Series X Stock Alerts

      • Go to the Discord Xboxygen in the living room “???? alert-xbox-series-x”
      • Check the green box ✅ of the first message titled “Enable Xbox Series X Alerts”
      • Check especially since Discord notifications are activated as well as on your phone.

      Here, you now have the notifications activated to receive stock alerts.

    Here you will find all the information you need regarding the availability of new Xboxes as well as direct links to buy them from various brands.

    You can also follow us on our Twitter or Discord accounts to be kept informed as soon as there is stock at a merchant.

    Buy the Xbox Series X: where and how

      Last minute information

      Xbox Series X inventory continues to sell out quickly when available. We continue to issue our alerts, primarily on Discord. The situation seems to be improving, however, and the stock from the beginning of March that arrived on the Microsoft Store lasted for long minutes.

      Latest notable stock alerts:

      12 March: from stock a been seen on Micromania and Amazon today. Deliveries continue to be regular, but the authorities are still too weak compared to demand.

      Concerning the Xbox All Access Fnac and Micromania program, it is always offered in stores as soon as a console is available on the shelves. It is still not possible to subscribe to All Access via the Internet. We also remind you that a seller does not have the right to force you to take out credit (Xbox All Access) when a console is available and that you can buy the console immediately at the price of 499,120 €. If the seller refuses, ask to speak to the department manager.