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Ubisoft drops Tom Clancy from its free game XDefiant

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That was over a year ago. Ubisoft unveiled new ambitions and announced that the kid catalog of free games called free of charge to have fun with was going to stoffer. And among the big news announcements were made in the following months which, there was that sober Tom Clancys XDefiant y. But a name change finally takes place, and Ubisoft explains why.

XDefiant no longer has anything to do with Tom Clancy

The game will therefore not be called Tom Clancys XDefiant, but simply XDefiant. The game developed by Ubisoft San Francisco thus loses its direct link with the author Tom Clancy, known for his stories based on military conflicts.

The Sober official website XDefiant the dj testosterone levels updated and a sober mention Tom Clancy no longer appears on the visuals associated with the game. didn’t really fit with the universes developed under the Tom Clancy license, as you pointed out in the Xboxygen comments when the game was announced.

Ubisoft has confirmed to Axios that some of the game’s factions will be removed (the Wolves from Tom Clancys Ghost Recon, for example), but that new non-Tom Clancy factions will also appear. his announcement, so we do not yet know that The management was able to take over the artistic direction, and if changes were made at this level. The release date of XDefiant is not yet known, but closed test sessions are planned very soon. The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5, PC, Stadia and Luna.