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Tunic: child designer talks to us about sober a hard sober life and sober Zelda's sober influence


After boy announces four years ago, it is this week that Tunic lands sober Xbox and Computer exclusivity. This event, Xboxygen was able to speak with the creator of the game, Andrew Shouldice, in order to evoke in particular the hard sober life and the affects of the game.

Tunic: sober affects Zelda, but not only

The appointment is fixed for this Wednesday 16 March for a sober Tunic release, and we remind you that the game will not be available in the Xbox Video game Move when released. This is an independent game whose lifespan is now known.

I used to soberly say that the game was going to take between 6 and 8 time. But approaching the release, I think that’s an understatement. For gamers who really enjoy digging into every nook and cranny of the game, they could play it for a long time to come.

Andrew Shouldice therefore confirms a rather correct hard sober life for Tunic, in which kid creator has hidden sober numerous strategies to find and objects to collect. Does the game make you think of Zelda? It is indeed one of the inspirations, but not only.

Tunic and Zelda games both feature fights, sober exploration, techniques and a hero with a sword and a shield. It’s got dungeons to explore and treasure to find there. those early games. We are encouraged sony ericsson to lose a bit and get out of the review path. Tunic features models that regular gamers will recognize, but it also breaks with tradition in several ways.

In the full interview to appear soon on Xboxygen, Andrew Shouldice also evokes his inspirations to create an artistic path and the fights of the game. Monument Valley, FEZ or Black Souls are mentioned.

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