The Quarry: Until Dawn's new daddies horror game will be revealed 5 p.m.


Supermassive Video games is the studio specializing in horror games. Sony ericsson are lately illustrated with The Darkish Photos Anthology, until Dawn they are notably known and appreciated put, released in 2015 on PS4. The studio is once again talking about it today with the presentation of a new title called The Quarry.

Discover The Quarry from tonight

new horror license that will be presented sober end sober day. Developed by Supermassive and told by 2K Video games, The Quarry is not part of The Black Images Anthology but should certainly take over some requirements from the studio’s games.

It’s this Thursday 17 March 17 they would (French time) that the title will be revealed. To wait, a courtroom teaser is already available below.

” ‘ . ” View the reveal of #TheQuarry, our all-new horror knowledge released by @2K, arriving this Summer season.

TOMORROW @ 9ameters PT | pm AND | 4pmichael GMT


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