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Test – WWE 2K22 – A capture simulation makes a big comeback

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ay is, after a much needed hiatus of more than two years, a licensed WWE 2K is back. For your servant of the day, the wait was much longer since we had not contacted a capture game since 2008 with the episode WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2020 then developed by THQ. Our expectations are therefore not the same as those of more loyal fans, even if we understand that the latest WWE 2K20 was a great disappointment in the eyes of the players and that 2K had to do a lot to win them back.

Content gargantuan

2K has pulled out all the stops with this new iteration. The developers didn’t skimp on the quantity with a roster of XXL superstars, mixing sportsmen still in activity as well as legends of the band, such as the Gant qu’Andr, Hulk Hogan or even our little favorite of the time: the Undertaker. And if you find that’s not enough, there’s always the chance of creating your own capture stars with a pretty comprehensive editor and online sharing system that will let you upload the craziest creations from the community. Also note that in addition to being able to customize and create its wrestlers, the game recommends that we customize their entries on the band and modify the move lists. We can even touch up the superstars’ awards and rivalries.

If sober management amateurs can already find their account with the Universe mode, this WWE 2K 22 also imports a MyGM mode, well known to sober NBA2K fans. This one suggests a competition between curies in a training race for supporters. us to manage our roster as well as possible by ensuring that we have a sufficiently varied workforce (alignment and type of fighter) to be able to organize clashes that will please the fans the most. It will be necessary to take into account the fatigue of our stars to avoid injuries, as well as to satisfy the requests that the latter can submit to us, under penalty of seeing them on the boat in the event of dissatisfaction leaving. Not very fond of management games, we were rather surprised by the clarity of the menus and we quickly got into the game.

Finally, directly inspired by the cellular game WWE Supercard, we find the MaFaction mode. In the same vein as a FIFA Best Group, you collect superstars in the form of cards by opening packages with random content. We then use these cards to build the best possible roster in order to launch into different fights. A victory as well as the accomplishment of certain daily/weekly or unique challenges allow obtaining a currency allowing the purchase of packs of cards. Those in a hurry will be able to spend their pounds in another well-known currency at 2K: VC, in order to learn how to build the roster sober to their dreams.

Redesigned gameplay

Quantity is one thing, but there must also be quality. Visible Principles seems to have understood this well and returns with a completely revamped gameplay. This is good news since the latter is a real success. He knows how to show himself sufficiently accessible and effective to quickly plunge us into the bath. After so many years away from the band, we were afraid of being lost, but the hits follow each other very well.

The gameplay remains centered around the four classic activities: the light hits, the heavy hits, the takes and counters. To complete the first three, a combo system has been added to each wrestler. Thus, chaining two light punches then a hold does not have the same result as performing a light punch, followed by a heavy one, concluded by a hold. Regarding the counters, when our opponent launches an attack, we have a quick courtroom for a corresponding key to execute a well-deserved response to press.

In addition to these choices, inflict damage boy opponent fills two gauges, one allowing us to trigger our wrestler’s special attacks and the other to activate the finishers. Again, the use of these strategies remains very easy and we take real pleasure in sending a few 619 , Tombstone or RKO for the enemy fighter knocked down.

We he knows, sony ericsson wrestling wants to be spectacular and what is learned goes around the band is just as important as what goes inside. On this stage, we don’t have to due, the atmosphere is at its best. It starts with the sober stage entrances of the wrestlers giving the great deal with the mix of music and pyrotechnics that. The open public also plays the kid role perfectly, reacting to the activities of the complement. We appreciated this lively side, transcribed with sober realistic crowd movements or even the addition of a choice of the virtual open public, used in these sober pandemic times. The commentators also do a very good job and dress the fight wonderfully, even if the nostalgic side in us would have loved to benefit from the sober French voices Christophe Agius and Philippe Chereau with the famous PAR-DESSUS Una TROISIME CORDE.

Visually, the studio gives us a very clean copy. The WWE superstars are faithfully modeled and the worldwide rendering of the title remains really pretty (except for the MyAscension setting). The animations during the fights are successful, but still remain rigid on occasions, especially when trying to grab your opponent. Finally, we will not forget the quality soundtrack in the menus with artists like Bring Me the Horizon or Motrhead (even if we would have purposed it to be a little more garnished).

Test on Xbox Collection X.


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