Test – Stranger of Paradise Last Fantasy Source – El fiasco complete?


Last Illusion Stranger of Paradise was announced during the3 442, and the least that can be serious is that it was not received with enthusiasm. As a reminder, this latest Last Imagination is presented as an action-oriented Souls-like, eyeing the side of Nioh put those who know the license. Despite numerous demos, this spin-off struggled to convince with its artistic path, its protagonists and its difficult to understand story. the hour of 35 years of business and with the additional temperature of development , does Last Wonderland Stranger of Paradise come to honor boy’s prestigious legacy? Our answer is straight forward: No.

A 2nd strategy story

To understand this strange mixture of issues with this new sober episode Final Fable, it takes sony ericsson turn to Group Ninja sober charge sober kid development. Accustomed to action games, the Japanese studio room has refined this element of the gameplay, but to the detriment of the other elements that make up the game. not having known him, it is difficult for us to identify possible winks. To understand perform comes from the discomfort when playing this FF, we need to explain to you his scenario and the way in which it is proposed to us.

To enter, the story is very difficult to summarize as it is put on the 2nd program. We understand that the Mayhem reigns in the world parallel to ours, that we have long been teleported in the same temperature ranges that other protagonists could save it. We come from a more or less futuristic and modern world, unlike this new universe plagued by Evil, more oriented towards the heroic dream. At first glance, we do work in this setting with our protagonist who uses boy kit primary libre and kid telephone could listen to music. We are therefore faced with a sober crossroads of two opposing universes, but which we really have difficulty adhering to, since absolutely nothing justifies certain behaviors and narrative choices during the first fifteen hours of sober play. Worse, the many cutscenes ultimately bring very few elements additional narratives, which reinforces our emotion of incomprehension. In addition to this very confusing introduction, the learned scenario summarizes finding 4 carriers of elemental power stones, defeating them, restoring these powers and defeating the last manager. Here is our guideline, no need to go further, and it’s terribly sad to put a Last Illusion.

Sober gameplay mechanics that save you from sinking

On the other hand, the gameplay really drives the game up. Group Ninja has again done wonders on this factor and it feels like a major controller. We find the classic sober job mechanics sober to the FF business, but extremely well developed. Each class has 35 levels that allow you to unlock methods and skills that we can associate with other races to develop. For example, we can learn a thief method and apply it to the warrior or mage to infuse our attacks with toxin. There are so many possible combinations. A customization of the gameplay according to our desire and without freezing us in the design is clearly one of the causes of the game. Nothing prevents us from changing our way of playing in a few parameters.

D o the game is more or less sold as a sober Darks Souls duplicate, it’s more towards the sober Nioh beatem up design that you have to turn to. We move through different corridors where we have to fight and defeat all the enemies on the way, in order to reach the level’s user. The feelings are clearly presented and we are always discovering new ways to channel our attacks and manage our timings. The game remains fluid and dynamic in all circumstances and this sometimes gives rise to series of fights where one gets rid of a tiny temperature and can catch one’s breath.

Another stage that deserves our interest is the excessive loot aspect, halfway between Diablo and Borderlands. We cannot escape several plantation classes in order to find the piece of equipment that will optimize our class and our character. For players allergic to plantation, run away poor fools.

Black Souls Last Imagination?

Last Wonderland Stranger of Paradise which makes us almost the fiasco overall. Integrating Black Souls mechanics into such a dynamic activity RPG doesn’t particularly work. The lack of precision of our attacks and the dynamism of the learned fights stand out too much from a much more calm and thoughtful gameplay. sober Stranger Paradise remains cruelly phone. Some crude attempts are made to create shortcuts between levels, but they add no real benefit to the gameplay. We even copy/paste sober campfires that are integrated into the game as a response to the cost schedule

In the last comparison, the title takes the bias of adding hard settings, but that only sums up increasing the life gauge of the watches and the amount of damage. Challenging management thus quickly becomes frustrating and unbalanced. Sober effect, normal mode in, we can largely play 5 35 levels above ours in exploring the area. However, once it gets to the manager, the problem becomes more than difficult, triggered by poor management of the dynamics of the fights. The designs are clearly on the phone, but the imposed rhythm absolutely does not match the gameplay, which provides an illusory belief of toughness that can simply push you to play in an easy setting. The mix Beatem Up/Darkish Souls clearly does not work here

The gameplay is not everything

A direct consequence of this choice of hardware artificially prolongs the life of the game. Sober more sober farmer could equip us well, it is especially necessary farmer could obtain the required level required by the quests. This forced planting sony ericsson translates literally by a difference in levels up to 10 between two tasks, while you gain between 2 and 3 levels per successful objective Worse, the side quests also work with the same level difference mechanism and do not offer very innovative content, since it is simply a question of replaying the quests already carried out in order to defeat another target at the very bottom of the level.

This very dated sport style, as well as a faulty degree style and scenario, mean that we chain the tasks from area to area mechanically without sober desire to understand what the game offers us. Sober revenge, we can note that the style takes up old areas of the previous Last Fantasy, all accompanied by the classic musical themes which are sure to make the nostalgia of the first fans vibrate and their bitterly remember that Last Fable was better before.

Especially since there is almost no empathy learned develops sober us for the different protagonists. Una mise en scene absolutely does not disturb the understanding of the narration and totally detaches our inference in the story that is offered to us. To make matters worse, the game is clearly out of date technically, between some very clean passages and others surprisingly without textures, i.e. comfortless NPCs or decorations in mush of pixels

For To conclude on a more optimistic take note, we still appreciate the fact that the game can be played in cooperation with up to three players from start to finish.

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